Posted: September 16th, 2022

2 paragraph analysis

details are in the doc.

analyze a sequence from 
The Florida Project – on gauchocast. 

Segment from 
9:40 (“TAKE SOME HOME “) to 19:50 (the kids are seen on the monitor)- This is the sequence that establishes Bobby as a character, the hierarchy of economic power, and the routine goings of the motel. 

Organize your analysis around a concise and coherent discussion of 
Form and Narrative.

More specifically:

EDITING: how is the space organized? What editing devices are prominent in the scene?  How are shots “connected”?  Is there a “logic” in the editing? (10pts.)

MISE-EN-SCENE: How are elements of setting and lighting arranged throughout the sequence?  Does it highlight a particular character? Does it point to some aspects of the action? Does it create some visual parallels or contradictions? (10pts.)

CINEMATOGRAPHY: What is the relation between the camera and the mise-en-scene?  What motivates the placement of the camera? Is the camera at eye-level or does it emphasize other aspects of the character’s environment? Do we see the action from particular points of view? (10pts.)

SOUND: discuss the soundtrack in relation to screen space, what is seen and heard. How does the sound expand, or create, the space off-screen? Are there sound bridges? Manipulations of fidelity?  What is the role of the off-screen sound? (10pts.)

Furthermore, how would you categorize this film in terms of its formal elements?  Does it stand out from the patterns found elsewhere in the film? Does it build upon these patterns?  Did you notice some formal motifs?  In other words, how does the sequence reflect the overall structure of the film?  (10pts.)

Your essay will be evaluated on the accuracy of the definitions, the clarity and relevance of the examples, and the appropriate use of the terminology (10 pts.).

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