Posted: September 20th, 2022

2500 word doc forensics


  • Summarize thoroughly the situation as it was known prior to arriving at the virtual scene in your introduction. Note that your introduction paragraph needs to end with a clear thesis statement that indicates the purpose of your doc For assistance on Writing a Thesis Statement (Links to an external site.), refer to the Writing Center resources.
  • Explain how the virtual crime scene will be protected.

    Describe how the virtual crime scene should be approached and why such steps are necessary.
    Identify what steps are necessary to protect the virtual crime scene from contamination or loss of evidence and why this is an important element of crime scene management.

  • Determine evidence collection procedures appropriate to the virtual crime scene.

    Describe how each item of evidence will be documented.
    Identify which collection technique should be used for each piece of evidence.
    Differentiate among techniques and explain why different techniques are appropriate to these types of evidence.

  • Illustrate chain of custody. As part of this element

    Describe what chain of custody means.
    Explain why it is important to protect the integrity of the evidence collected at the virtual crime scene.
    Assess the potential impact on testing and admissibility if chain of custody is not clearly established.

  • Categorize evidence testing related to the virtual crime scene. As part of this element

    Distinguish what types of field testing should be used at the virtual crime scene.
    Distinguish what types of laboratory testing should be used on evidence collected at the virtual crime scene.
    Compare the possible evidentiary findings and in-court admissibility of the field and laboratory tests.

  • Analyze current standards for the admissibility of the scientific evidence from your virtual crime scene at trial. As part of this element

    Explain the common standards used by the courts to evaluate the admissibility of scientific evidence.
    Determine any possible challenges to the admissibility of the collected evidence and what can be done proactively to ensure admissibility.

  • Assess how following valid methodology and properly using forensic science at trial contributes to sustaining a more just society.



You’re a member of the Crime Scene Response Unit CSRU at Metro City Police Department.
The unit manager just called the team together to brief on a callout and assigned you as lead on
the scene, which means you will be responsible for documenting the appropriate procedures for
protecting a crime scene, how to identify and document evidence, evidence handling, testing, and
standards for admissibility of evidence, scientific testing and expert testimony at trial.

Officers in neighboring Nonsuch County have reported finding a 2016 white Chevrolet Impala
apparently abandoned beside rural 77 about 10 miles north of Metro City Jurisdiction. Nonsuch
County deputies reported there were smears of blood on the steering wheel, dashboard, and both
front seats. They also reported they found a black duffel bag, blood smears, and stock certificates
and one diamond earring inside the vehicle. The name on the stock certificates matches the name
of the registered owner of the vehicle at an address in Metro City.

Your manager continues the briefing by telling you that when Metro City police officers
responded to the registered owner’s address of record, they found the house locked up and quiet.
But looking in the window, they could see a victim laying apparently unconscious in the foyer
but found no indications of forced entry to the residence.

Once inside the house, Metro City police officers found one male laying in the foyer deceased.
They also found a female in the bedroom deceased. The house appears to have been ransacked,
and an open safe was located. The vehicle will be towed into the evidence garage and handled

The officers have secured the residence, but the medical examiner is waiting for your team to
respond before entering. Pictures throughout the house and a canvas of the neighborhood by
officers revealed that the couple had a 15-year-old daughter, whose location is currently
unknown. When officers tried to call her, they located her cell phone in the residence. As the
manager is wrapping up, the officers notice a television in the corner of the briefing room, which
cuts to breaking news and shows a picture of a car surrounded by crime scene tape.

Breaking news right off the top. Police have found a vehicle that may be connected to a double
homicide that occurred early in the morning at about 3:00 AM. The vehicle was beside Road 77.
Let’s go to our correspondent on the scene.

Here we go. This is going to get a lot of press coverage. As if a double homicide isn’t bad
enough, we don’t know where the daughter is or what happened to her. Everyone is going to be
watching. We have to get this right, and we have to make sure everything will hold up in court.

Basic Navigation for CRJ311 Virtual Crime Scene

General Instructions for best performance:

• Maximize window size by clicking on the double-arrows at the bottom-right corner of the screen.

• Use a combination of arrow or ASWD keys along with the mouse for easiest navigation (See

illustrations below).
• Small movements are best for exploring the environment. Large movements can cause


Navigation Controls:

Button Action
Cursor arrows Move player
W Forward
A Left
D Right
S Backward
Mouse Camera View
Space bar Jump
Run Hold Shift bar

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