Posted: September 18th, 2022

3-1 Discussion: Bail Reform

In the Courts resource section, you identified the reason for having bail, the pros and cons of the current bail system, and its impact on diverse populations.

Representative Ayanna Pressley from Massachusetts stated “One of my priorities is criminal justice reform, and there is certainly bipartisan support for that” (Oakes & Fleming, 2018).

Take a position: What would a just (fair) pretrial bail system include (or exclude). Include three to five ideas, and a rationale to support your post.

In your responses to peers, extend the ideas in their original posts to include nonmonetary release options by proposing alternatives, suggesting changes, or supporting the ideas presented.

Write a post of 1 to 2 paragraphs.


Oakes, B., & Fleming, W. (2018). Pressley says voters have a choice: Status quo or changing Washington. Retrieved from

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