Posted: September 4th, 2022

4310 d1

Conduct research for a company of your choosing and post the following information 
USING the following template. Retain the field label (ex: “Name of company”):

1. Name of company

2. Subject of IMC analysis: (company or brand the company sells)

3. Using your own words, define IMC in one sentence.

4. In 2-3 sentences, describe the company or brand on which you are reporting.

5. What is the company (or brand) product mix?

6. Describe the target market for the company (or brand) in terms of demographics, psychographics, and/or behaviors. Remember: Demographics are easily observed characteristics like income, education, ethnicity, and location; Psychographics are activities, interests, and opinions; and Behaviors describe how the consumer acts toward, feels about, or uses the product (or other products).

7. Describe the company (or brand) positioning strategy. Remember, positioning is how we want the consumer to think about our product.

8. Describe how the company uses one specific element of the promotional mix, providing an example  (link to an ad, link to a website, jpg of trade show presence, etc). See page 17 for a refresher on the elements of the promotional mix.

9. In 3-4 sentences, offer an overall assessment of their use of this element as part of an overall IMC program. Support your assessment with evidence from your book or other credible academic sources. Use numbered in-text citations as necessary (1). Grade the company for its IMC: A = outstanding, B = very good, C- average, D = subpar, F = failing

10. List references in APA Style by the numbers you used when developing citations. Within your work, add hyperlinks to webpages or videos you want to share with us. See example below.



Social Media Use in 2021


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