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Unit 6 Discussion: How You See Me

Unit 6 Discussion: How You See Me

· Respond to at least two classmates’ posts.


Hello, Class

As for myself when it comes to communicate with different culture I treat everyone with the same respect. I was always told you treat people the way you want to be treated. Like in the workplace we have all different type of cultures now days. I try my best to understand different cultures in the workplace for sure. My mom moved from different citys when we was kids so I been around a lot of different cultures so it really is normal to me.I take different steps to understand different culture. First by learning a little more about the ones I come in contact with. My fiance is a muslim and in April they fast and pray at different hours of the day. They can only eat after the sun is day so I have respected my fiance culture and I learn a little more each day. Once again treat people how you want to be treated.


The intersection of Culture and Interpersonal communication I feel is such a complex thing for me to speak about. Growing up, I lived in a very rural part of Texas. There were not many people who were of different races, ethinicitys, etc. This made it super hard for me when I moved to a town where the population of African Americans was almost greater than that of caucasians. The culture from different ethnicitys is so differed that it took me a while to understand other people from those other cultures. The way people speak, think, and act varies greatly. I think the best way to communicate more effectively, is to just ask. Ask how they like to communicate, what helps them understand, and you do the same. This should be an EVERYBODY type of thing since everyone communicates differently.


Unit 6 DB: The symbols of your life

Unit 6 DB: The symbols of your life

Responses: In your responses, consider what are some of the other symbols your see within “The Gift of the Magi” and/or “Everyday Use.” Also, what are some important symbols that we see every day?

Remember to consider the following  

Discussion Board Rubric.


Discussion Board Rubric. – Alternative Formats


 ‘The Gift of Magi’ described Della’s hair as a “cascade of brown water”. Symbolism in this instance is used to describe Della’s long hair that hung to her knees. The detail in the words gives the reader a picture of hair flowing like water. The cascade in this instance is used to describe the waves in Della’s long hair.

     If my family and friends used symbolism to describe me, I think they would say something like, ” she has a third eye”. My symbolism would describe my camera which is always with me. Using the symbol of a third eye is usually a description of an enlightened spiritual person but in my case, it describes me and what I always have with me. Symbolism can use a familiar term to ‘literally’ describe an object. 


 In Alice Walker’s short story Everyday Use (1973), a symbol in the form of a handmade quilt was used in a few ways that are dependent on the character that is viewing it. First, it was a symbol of unity, tradition, and family love to the younger sister (Maggie). To her, the quilts that she and her aunt and grandmother had hand sewn were a reminder of the time they had spent together. However, to Maggie’s older sister Dee, it was no more than a pretty thing to be hung on a wall that she could be admired for having. Dee had spoken of family traditions, but it was obvious to readers that she didn’t believe in what she was saying, she only wanted to win the debate and the quilts. Maggie’s interest in the quilt and other objects her sister was claiming was shown in her ability to recall the details about who had originally made them and when. Lastly, to the mother, it represented family tradition as it was made by her mother, sister, daughter, and herself. It also contained scraps of cloth from clothes that her ancestors had worn. It was an emotional connection for her, the same as it was for Maggie. It also was representative of the moment she finally saw what it was doing to Maggie to see Dee always get what she wanted. Her epiphany had caused her to tell Dee no for the first time in her life, something that no one had ever done before as stated previously in the book (Walker, 1973). 

     I chose this story and symbol because I have a crocheted blanket that my mom and I made together when I was a teenager. She taught me to crochet using this blanket and now it symbolizes the memory of that moment from my childhood. Just like Maggie from Walker’s story, I don’t need the blanket to remember, but it is nice to have something that we created together to go with the memory. If anyone wrote a story about me, they would use the one of the following symbols to represent me:

  What symbol represents you?

Your Result: A apple (91%)

· You are very smart and love school and learning new things. You are shy and afraid to speak against someone. You have a more peaceful personality that people are jealous of.



A heart



A cloud



A Star



An arrow



A lightning bolt

What symbol represents you? (

     These results were measured by the answers I gave for thirteen questions about my favorite color, what I think is most important, favorite sports, and others along the line of questioning. The questions were designed to determine what an individual’s personality is and match it with a symbol based on that personality type. I can agree with the heart symbol as I have always tried to help others. As a teen, I took homeless people to my mom’s house to feed them. It never occurred to me that this was dangerous because I only thought that they were hungry and didn’t stop to see how badly that could have gone. 


Walker, A. (1973). Everyday Use. Harper’s Magazine.

What symbol represents you? (


Great response. You mentioned that your symbol is a ladder. This implies that you will, at some point, reach the top. What is up there? 


“The Gift of the Magi” is a story by O Henry. Henry uses the symbolism of Christmas gifts to denote the true meaning of love. One of the symbols from “The Gift of the Magi” is gold. The gold of the watch symbolizes money, purity, and love. The gold represents money that the couple lacks. It also symbolizes eternity because gold does not tarnish or rust. The gold symbol was significant to me as a reader. It enabled me to appreciate the couple’s love for each other. “It was a gold watch chain, very simply made. its value was in its pure and rich material” (Henry, 1972). The gold made the watch very valuable. It enabled the readers to understand that Della valued her husband and could do anything for him.

The symbol that would present my life story is the ladder. The ladder would give my life story because it would show my gradual process of becoming successful in life. It would also show the process of gaining various values in life and knowledge. Climbing the ladder presents my life story accurately. I have been taking steps to advance in my life. Some of these steps include acquiring education and learning how to stay disciplined. I have created various ideas, pushed the limits, worked hard, and remained persistent and focused on achieving my life goals. 



Henry, O. (1972). The gift of the magi. Pioneer Drama Service, Inc.

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