Posted: August 2nd, 2022


see below

Each week, we will review a famous social psychology experiment that applies to the readings.


This week, watch and review The Robber’s Cave Experiment and discuss your thoughts on what you saw.  Remember to tie in the terms, concepts, and details that you learned from the readings, as well.

1. Robber’s Cave Experiment –


2. Inside the Minds of Athletes – 


This week you are asked to explore both Group Therapy and Health Psychology.

Part 1

This week also involves a topic search from PsycARTICLES.

a) Tell us what you found of interest in an article of your choice from one of these two topics (your choice).



                    1. Encounter Groups

                    2. Skill-Training Groups


b) Also, choose one of the following topics and do the same:

                    Art Therapy Groups

                    Dance Therapy Groups

                    Body Therapy Groups

                    Psychodrama Groups


Part 2

Choose one of these topics below and share with us what you found in an article of your choice:

Stress Therapy

Obesity Therapy

Alcohol Abuse

Drug Abuse

Cigarette Use

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