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Acquisition road map: Develop an acquisition road map as a tool for sharing the project with the strategic planning team and the guiding coalition. Specifically, you must address the following criteria: Acquisition-related tasks : Describe the tasks and

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Acquisition road map: Develop an acquisition road map as a tool for sharing the project with the strategic planning team and the guiding coalition.

Specifically, you must address the following criteria:

  1. Acquisition-related tasks :

    Describe the tasks and steps that have already been taken toward an acquisition since you were appointed to the strategic planning team.
    Recommend the tasks and steps that would need to happen over the next one to two years to evaluate and complete an acquisition. For each task and step, provide estimates for how long it will take to accomplish them, the responsible parties, and any dependencies.

  2. Gantt chart: Using the provided template, create a Gantt chart that visually illustrates the tasks and steps that you’ve indicated above (Note:You can copy the chart to include it in the road map document). Your chart should include the following:

    Indicate tasks and steps that have already been completed since you were appointed to the strategic planning team. For example, be sure to include guiding coalition, industry, and competitive research aspects.
    Indicate “in process” tasks and steps that are currently being performed.

Exit strategy recommendations and plan: Outline your change management strategy for transition after the acquisition.

Specifically, you must address the following criteria:

  1. Change management strategy: Using Kotter’s change model as a guide, explain each step of the change management strategy that you recommend. Your response should address the following:

    How will you create a sense of urgency?
    How will the guiding coalition continue to guide the change? Who will they impact? Identify which critical tasks from the acquisition road map the guiding coalition should complete. Also, determine the expected timelines for these tasks to be completed.
    What is your strategic vision for the company, its operations, and its employees after the acquisition?
    What is the plan for enlisting a group of employees to get other employees united around the common vision?
    What barriers to change do you foresee? How do you plan to remove them?
    How will you track progress?
    How will you communicate short-term wins?

  2. Summary: Summarize your strategy and assessment of risks.

    Describe the overall strategy that you recommend for the organization’s acquisition goals.
    Explain how the strategy will fit in the business environment of the oncology market segment in the pharmaceutical industry. Consider using an external business environment analysis to inform your conclusions.

  3. Risks: Identify three potential risks that may be associated with your recommendation and explain steps the organization can take to mitigate those risks.


>Project Planner

is period 1 and duration =

means project spans 5 periods starting from the start period.
Data in row 5 shows an e

ample of how to use this table.


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[Project Planner]
Vineetha P: This Project Planner uses
periods for intervals. Start =

1 5 x Select a period to highlight at right. A legend describing the charting follows. Period Highlight: Plan Duration Actual Start % Complete Actual (beyond plan) % Complete (beyond plan)
3 4 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60
[Example: Form Strategic Planning Team] 75%
[Activity 01] x%
[Activity 02]
[Activity 03]
[Activity 04]
[Activity 05]
[Activity 06]
[Activity 07]
[Activity 08]
[Activity 09]
[Activity 10]
[Activity 11]
[Activity 12]
[Activity 13]
[Activity 14]
[Activity 15]
[Activity 16]
[Activity 17]
[Activity 18]
[Activity 19]
[Activity 20]
[Activity 21]
[Activity 22]
[Activity 23]
[Activity 24]
[Activity 25]
[Activity 26]










Guiding Coalition



           Strategic planning is a critical point in national and international companies. There are various definitions of strategic planning by different authors, and the common point is that it is a process by which strategies are made, and efforts are made to achieve the goals and objectives. Strategic planning enables the managers to decide on a better team with influential team members to achieve the goals and objectives. The present discussion is to select a team effective to increase the sales of a potential drug. The drug is new, and it takes a lot to engage the new team in the sales and marketing of a new product.


           Mirjam Nilsson is the organization’s president, and she has been with the organization for many years. She has a beautiful personality. The purpose of mentioning her in the discussion is not to make her part of the team, but it means that she is head of the company and has to supervise the team throughout her tenure. It is better to involve her in the different aspects like the monitoring and supervision and the guiding person. She has the stamina to guide the employees to increase effective sales.

The first important member of the team to be involved is Satan. He is the human resource manager of the organization and is characterized as “a complacent member of human resources,” Stan is usually the point of contact assigned to company-wide committees. Formerly he was involved in a workforce deployment change initiative, with a promotion seven years ago.


It is risky to involve him in the team because his job satisfaction is low. He has been unsatisfied because of the few promotional opportunities in his eight-year span. The rationale would be to determine his abilities as a leader and to have the sales team is always linked with the HR team. The HR team has to decide the resources and assign important duties and responsibilities. He will report the matter to the VP of HR and lead the sales team with practical strategies to enhance sales. Their job satisfaction will increase as he is promoted to a new strategic product project. The critical factor is managing and evaluating his performance in the new project.

Chris is the organization’s sales executive, passionate about his activities. He is one of the most important members of society as the sales executive essential to the team.


           He has the personality of observing business matters minutely and with great detail. He is known for “micromanaging,” Chris has a realistic sense of his weaknesses and limitations. Chris led the integration of two prior acquisitions at another company and oversaw more than 150 sales reps worldwide. He has been with the organization for the last ten years, and his satisfaction level is two. The employees must be satisfied with the job because the companies are always trying to make the best opportunities for the employees. It is when the company has the opportunity to grab the employees’ attention. Chris has Leslie as his team member, and he can engage her in sales-related activities as well. All these activities are essential for the company to sell the product because they can examine the market trends (Salas, 2018).

           John Martensson is the third and most important person included in the team, and he is the manufacturing director. He knows the scientific background of the products, and he has fantastic experience dealing with different employees and making different drugs and other products. John is responsible for the scientific research behind the company’s flagship oncology drug and “does not stop until the job is done.


           There is no reason to keep him away from the team because he knows how the drugs are made and what is the right time to introduce them to the market. He believes that the work should not be stopped because of the increasing competition and saturation in the market. In this current project, he knows how sales can be increased and how the customers can be engaged in effective team building. He has been attached to the team for the last twenty-two years and has four satisfaction levels. He has been promoted several times, and it is good to see him in the project. It is expected that he will play an essential role in the success of an organization.

Team Building Strategies

           There are different team-building strategies in the organization, and they are as follows. Communication is an essential tool in the organization, and it is seen that if communication among the different departments does not occur, the company will be at risk. Communication among the team members helps the organization grow and increase its success. Three departments are added to the team, and all of them are experts in their duties. Combining all the teams in the project will help them communicate their ideas and grow professionally (Smith, 2018). There are other strategies to build an effective team like enhancement in growth, effective sales, better communication, and professional coordination. The goals and objectives will easily be met after the team building. It is important to mention that an effective team increases the chances of success several times. An ineffective team with a lack of coordination or communication is not suitable, and the product goes wasted. All these critical factors should be kept in mind while making the strategies for team building. In the current project, sales are the primary target, so the people in authority should focus on it (Lacerenza, 2018).

           In conclusion, it is essential to mention that the team members are the strength of a company, and it cannot succeed without implementing specific strategies. It is seen in the discussion that certain employees were unsatisfied with the job, and the company has the opportunity to enhance satisfaction. The purpose was not only to look at the employees’ choices, but multiple factors were necessary. The company needs to include the manufacturing, HR, and sales representative to increase their collaboration and coordination among the members.

Employee Attrition Analysis Report

Every organization worldwide is being distinguished not by the machines or location but these organizations are distinguished by the talent it keeps. The human force working in the company makes a difference in any organization’s success and failure. Managing talent and employee turnover is the real challenge. More talented employees have more chances to get a better offer from different organizations; hence, they leave the company searching for a better future. The company is working on an exit strategy. The potential acquirer is looking for the human resource data and is looking to analyze the data of all the company’s human resources to decide on retaining the current employee force or hiring new employees for the company’s operations. Analysis related to human resources will be discussed below in this report.

Current Employee Demography

Non-travel: There are different employees categorized below. One of the categories is non-travel. These employees do not travel at all. There are three sub-categories: employees who are divorced and employees who are married, and single employees. Divorced employees in non-travel categories are the ones who are satisfied and very satisfied with the organization. Both of these employees have associate degrees, and the employee who has not worked in any other company before is satisfied and earns a monthly salary of 4,000 dollars per month. The employee who worked for one company before working for this organization is very satisfied, which means the work environment is more satisfying than his previous employer, and earning a salary of 3,000 per month.

An employee who is married and in the non-travel category has worked for two companies before working for this organization, has an associate degree, and earns 9,884 dollars per month. This employee is not satisfied with the organization, which might be because the employee has a better environment for work in his prior organization. An employee whose marital status is single in the non-travel category and has an education of graduation degree is satisfied with the company’s environment and has not worked in any of the organizations before, and is currently earning a salary of 4,568 dollars per month. 

Travel Frequently: There are employees in the company who travel frequently, and there are only two kinds of marital status exist in this category, the first one is married and the second one single. A married female in this category is satisfied with the organization’s job, and work environment holds a graduate degree and has worked for one organization before. The employee earns a salary of 2909 dollars per month, and the other employee in this category is made and holds high school qualifications with earnings of 5130 dollars per month. He is somewhat satisfied with the organization. The last male employee in this category holds the degree of doctorate, which is one of the highest qualifications a person can have and has worked for one company before and is now earning a salary of 9069 dollars per month. However, the employee is not satisfied with the organization, which might be because of the low salary compared to his qualification.

The single employee in this category of travel frequently earns a good salary. While the first employee earns 5,473 dollars per month and holds a high school degree or equivalent diploma, this female employee is satisfied with her job and has worked for seven different organizations before working. The second male employee of the organization in this category is satisfied with the job with a salary of 18252 dollars per month; the employee holds an undergraduate degree and has worked for one company before working for this organization. Another employee in this organization is male and earns a salary of 6499 dollars per month, but the employee is somewhat satisfied and is an undergraduate. Three employees in this category are very satisfied, and the first one is earning a salary of 17469 dollars per month with an associate degree in her hands. The second employee in this category earns a salary of 2406 dollars per month and has a doctorate qualification. The last employee in this category is a male who earns 5772 dollars per month with a graduate degree and has worked for four companies before. 

Travel Rarely:  In this category of travel rarely, there are three sub-categories according to the marital status of the employees, the first one is divorced, the second is married, and the last is single. The satisfied employees in divorced employees earn a high salary and hold graduate and undergraduate diplomas degrees. The two female employees in this category earn high salaries compared to their male colleagues. In the divorced category, only one employee is somewhat satisfied and earns a salary of 8,319 dollars per month and holds an associate degree. Three employees are not satisfied in this category because they are highly qualified, but their salaries are not high compared to their degrees.

Married employees in this category also earn good salary packages, and most of the employees are satisfied with the organization. There are only two employees in this category who are not satisfied with the organization. Single employees in the category of those who travel rarely are the employees who have worked for more than ten organizations before working for this organization and earn a good salary. However, their satisfaction level is reasonably distributed, equally distributed among different categories. This category is expected to have a high turnover because of the history of employees changing organizations frequently. 

Below are two different charts to explain the organization’s employees’ analysis.

The first chart explains all the gender and qualification and their salaries with proper bars and explanations, and it is also easy to analyze employees’ previous organizations. While figure 2-1 explains all the categories from a single click as all the employees have different satisfaction categories and this chart gives a clear view of the satisfaction level of different employees.

Figure 1-1 Analysis of gender, qualifications, and income.

Figure 2-1 Snap shot for the entire organization

Attrition Analysis:

Attrition analysis only focuses on employee turnover and the reasons behind an employee leaving the organization or staying with the organization. 

Answer 1: The employees who left the organization have not been promoted for some time, which is why they have left the company. The average is three years, and if the employees are not promoted for three years, they are most likely to leave the country. 

Answer 2: Employees below 30 years are most likely to leave the organization. They are still trying to move to a better-paying job, and age above 40 is the most likely age where employees are least likely to leave the organization. 

Answer 3: Employees tend to leave the company after working for at least five years as the experience is good enough to move to a better-paying job. 

Answer 4: If the company does frequent training for the employee, then it is least likely that the employee will leave the company as the training will improve the employee’s skills, which will motivate the employee to work for the company in the future. 


The data shows that the employees who fall in the category of single marital status and travel rarely have high turnover because they have changed the companies quite frequently. These employees also have some low levels of satisfaction. The potential acquirer should focus on this category of employees to stop the high turnover. The acquirer can introduce benefit packages to motivate the employees not to leave the company and increase the retention rate for the company. The company should also focus on the work environment. 

Actionable Steps

Increase the salaries of the married employees, which will stop the employee from leaving the organization. Pay highly qualified employees good salaries so they cannot leave the company. Second, improve the work environment of the organization to increase the retention rate. Finally, arrange training workshops frequently to improve the skills of the employee. 

Alternative Buyer Research Report

A life science organization is a type of business that deals in pharmaceuticals, research, and development or biomedical equipment manufacturing, or biotech medical and food production. Being one of the largest life science organizations gives the company an edge over its competitors. Recently, one of the companies showed some intentions to buy the company, and the owners are also willing to sell the organization to the potential buyer. Still, the management has noticed that the potential buyer might pull out of the offer. So, I need to look into more companies, specifically life science organizations, for potential buyers. The contingency plan demands looking into the financials of the potential buyers and identifying a suitable buyer. 

Alternative Buyers

There are many alternative buyers, and some of them are Alexion Pharmaceuticals, Alkermes, Gilead Sciences Inc, Jazz pharmaceuticals, Johnson & Johnson, Novartis, Nova Nordisk, Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, and Vertex Pharmaceuticals. These companies have solid financials, all of these companies are Multinationals, and these companies have enough resources to buy the organization. Out of these companies, I have chosen Johnson & Johnson as a potential buyer from the list of alternative buyers. (Mazzucato et al., 2020) Johnson & Johnson is one of the oldest pharmaceutical corporations globally and is around 130 years old. The company produces a wide range of pharmaceutical products. Johnson & Johnson is a multinational organization that sells its pharmaceutical products in over a hundred countries. 

Current Market

Johnson & Johnson mainly focus on Immunology, Cardiovascular and metabolic disease but also produces and sells products related to Infectious disease and vaccines. Most recently, during the pandemic, they also made one of the covid vaccines, which were quite effective against the virus. The company manufactures products related to children’s diseases and viruses related to infants and children. One of the best-selling products of Johnson & Johnson is products related to Infants and children, like baby lotion and powder. As the company is multinational, it has a different product focus in other world regions. For example, in third world countries, the company is most famous for infants and children’s products and vaccines for infants and children. In developed countries like Europe, vaccines, and products related to infectious diseases are more popular as people rely on the quality of the product. Cardiovascular products are famous around the globe, and doctors and patients prefer these products the company. So, the company operates in a market of all medical or pharmaceutical-related fields. The company is leading the current market in some of the categories, like products related to kids and vaccines. Customers of almost all ages buy the company’s products, and around the globe, it is equally famous, and that’s why it’s the most prominent pharmaceutical organization. They have many competitors in every sector, and in almost every country, it manufactures or sells its products. The total market share of Johnson & Johnson is above 7%. And the closest competitor relative to market share stands at above 2.5 percent, and this information is enough to prove that Johnson & Johnson is the leading pharmaceutical company in the world. (Milanesa et al., 2020)

Financial Situation

The company’s primary goal after a probability of the potential buyer pulling out of the deal is to search for a new buyer and prepare the plan of acquisition after searching for the new potential buyer. The potential buyer I have chosen is Johnson & Johnson because of its vast size in the market; here are some numbers that relate to Johnson & Johnson’s financial credibility and the financial position of the company is as follows: (Mazzucato et al., 2020) As we have discussed earlier, the company is the largest pharmaceutical company. The financial position of the company is also solid and stable because of this pandemic which accelerated the health issue crisis, which as a result, increased the demand for pharmaceutical products, has a very positive impact on the company’s financial position. The company’s revenue has increased by almost 17 percent in the past two years. Revenue of the company right now is $93,775,000,000, compared to where they stood in 2018 at $81,581,000,000; there is a good increase in revenue. When the revenue increases, the cost of sales also increases. The current price of sales in the company is $29,855,000,000, an increase of 15 percent if we compare it with the numbers of 2018. The company’s operating expenses have seen a sharp increase in 2021 compared to 2020 and 2019, but other income has also seen a sharp decrease recently. The current net income of the company stands at 20,878,000,000, which is up from 14,714,000,000, which is an excellent jump in profits. EPS for the last year was 5.59, and it is expected that the EPS will be above 8 dollars per share this year. The company’s balance sheet is also very strong, with low debt and high equity. The company’s financial position is vital as the potential buyer should have enough resources to buy the new business (Livingstone et al., 2021).

Recent Developments

After identifying the buyer, the next step is to prepare a plan to pitch a deal to this new potential buyer. The acquisition agreement must be explicit and represent all the stakeholders and the benefits associated with this acquisition. And before going into the details of the purchase, the company should consider looking at the recent developments of the potential buyer. Johnson & Johnson has appointed Jaoquin Doato as its new CEO. Jaoquin has 33 years of experience in the company, has worked in all the sectors, and has in many different countries. The new CEO brings vast experience and has worked his way to the top. The company has recently won the award of leading Innovation Company in the world, and Times magazine also named the covid vaccine of Johnson & Johnson as the world’s best invention of 2021. Giving the company credibility in the fight against the virus has been very effectively won with the help of vaccines. The most important factor which affected the whole world was the pandemic. Since the pandemic hit the world, almost all big pharmaceutical companies have started research on developing an effective vaccine to beat the virus. After some time, nearly all of the big pharmaceutical companies have invented a vaccine, and Johnson & Johnson’s vaccine is one of the most effective vaccines (Milanesa et al., 2020).

All the events that happened recently will not affect the idea of a potential buyer. As the company is currently so occupied with fighting the pandemic and working on innovation, the new CEO can pose an excellent opportunity to convince him to buy the business. 

Buyer Rationale

Johnson & Johnson is the best option for the life science organization as the company is already working with a very successful business model. Instead of expanding into a new segment of the sector, the company can buy an already successful business and make the company more robust and financially reliable for the investors. The company’s goodwill will also play a huge role in acquiring the business. The company has been making good profits and has enough cash to buy an already successful business, so the company is the best option for the life science organization. 

Acquisition Road Map

To acquire a company, the organizations on both sides need to work on a plan to make the transaction successful. The plan needs to be clear, and all the details should be in the plan about how this acquisition process will work. (Lei et al., 2018)

Acquisition Related Tasks

After identifying the goals for this acquisition plan, the company should focus on the deliverable steps. The output which the company expects is to sell the business at a reasonable price. The financial team will take 15 to 20 days to identify the potential buyer and its financial position. The management will prepare the investor pitch with all the financials in 20 days. After preparing the investor pitch, the higher management will present this pitch to the higher management of the potential buyer’s company. Then the negotiations will start, and these negotiations can take up to 2 months or two weeks, depending on the terms of the agreement.

The First step must be about preparing all the acquisition demands and taking all the stakeholders on board for the upcoming acquisition process. Taking the whole management on board and preparing for the acquisition process by teaming up with the relevant people will take around 2 to 3 months. The second step will be preparing for the negotiations related to the sale of the business. The organization will collect all the numbers associated with its finances and the potential price for the whole company. At the same time, the seller will be looking to buy a good business with sound finances at a lower price. Still, a buyer will be looking for a good and reasonable price. In this step, the negotiations on the acquisition price will be discussed between the top management of both organizations. This process can take up to 1 month (Lei et al., 2018).

The third step should be the acquisition price, and the price should be accurately related to the company’s financial position. All the numbers posted in the sale document should be without any error because any error will turn the deal out of the table, and the management should be looking to close the information gap. Price negotiations will depend on the financial health of the company and the potential of the business model the company in the future. Executives from both sides should look into the numbers carefully and draft the agreement carefully with due diligence. This process can take up to 1 month. The Fourth step must look into closing the deal. The CEOs of both organizations should be looking to sign the acquisition papers and complete the transaction carefully with all the funds deposited in the respective accounts.

The risk of this acquisition is that both the management teams are unable to get a deal signed which benefits both the companies in the acquisition process. Another macroeconomics risk is also there, which will force the potential buyer to stop this deal. Risks can be eliminated if a favorable agreement for both the companies can be negotiated between the organizations’ higher management.


Lacerenza, C. N., Marlow, S. L., Tannenbaum, S. I., & Salas, E. (2018). Team development interventions: Evidence-based approaches for improving teamwork. American psychologist, 73(4), 517.

Lei, Y., Li, N., Guo, L., Li, N., Yan, T., & Lin, J. (2018). Machinery health prognostics: A systematic review from data acquisition to RUL prediction. Mechanical systems and signal processing, 104, 799-834.

Livingston, E. H., Malani, P. N., & Creech, C. B. (2021). The Johnson & Johnson Vaccine for COVID-19. Jama, 325(15), 1575-1575.

Mazzucato, M., Li, H. L., & Darzi, A. (2020). Is it time to nationalise the pharmaceutical industry?. BMJ, 368.

Milanesi, M., Runfola, A., & Guercini, S. (2020). Pharmaceutical industry riding the wave of sustainability: Review and opportunities for future research. Journal of cleaner production, 261, 121204.

Salas, E., Reyes, D. L., & McDaniel, S. H. (2018). The science of teamwork: Progress, reflections, and the road ahead. American Psychologist, 73(4), 593.

Smith, T., Fowler-Davis, S., Nancarrow, S., Ariss, S. M. B., & Enderby, P. (2018). Leadership in interprofessional health and social care teams: a literature review. Leadership in Health Services.

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Zhang, X. C., Lee, H., Rodriguez, C., Rudner, J., Chan, T. M., & Papanagnou, D. (2018). Trapped as a group, escape as a team: applying gamification to incorporate team-building skills through an ‘escape room experience. Cureus, 10(3).

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