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All the information you need is attached in the “prompt” and the “powerslide” files. Please go through them thoroughly.

Prompt Cambodia_Maps xPhilippines_Maps xThailand_Maps xBurma_Maps xLaos_Maps xIndonesia_Maps x

 All the information you need is attached in the “prompt” and the “powerslide” files. Please go through them thoroughly. 

Your name April 6, 202



Territorial Morphology Assignment

Your second writing assignment is to do an analysis on the territorial morphology of selected Southeast

Asian states. Boundaries define and delimit states. They also create the mosaic of often interlocking territories that

give individual countries their shape. This shape or territorial morphology can affect a state’s condition, even its

survival. There are 5 dominant state territorial configurations; all but one of these shapes is represented in Southeast


1) COMPACT STATES: have territories shaped somewhere between round and rectangular, without major

indentations. This encloses a max amount of territory within a minimum length of boundary (Cambodia).


substantial, usually compact territory from which

extends a peninsular corridor that may be landlocked

or coastal (Thailand and Myanmar).


territorial dimensions in which the length is at least 6

times the average width, creating a state that lies

astride environmental or cultural transitions (Laos

and Vietnam).

4) FRAGMENTED STATES: consist of two or more

territorial units separated by foreign territory or by water. Subtypes are mainland-mainland, mainland-island, and

island-island (Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines).

The shape of the state affects the locations of cities, the spatial extent and reach of the hinterlands as well as

modes of transportation and networks. Other implications of the shape include political control, economic activities

and distribution of resources. For this assignment we will focus on the locations of cities and transportation

networks. Select a sample state for each shape. Since Southeast Asia only has one compact shape state your choice

for Compact state is limited to Cambodia. You have options for the other three shapes. I have provided a library of

maps for this assignment on Beachboard. Select the suitable maps for each of your countries from this library. Then,

obtain the following information from the 2022 CIA World Factbook for each country:

Your name April 6, 2022


 Population

 Land area

 Real GDP – per capita

 Number of airports with paved runways

 Number of registered air carriers (RAC)

 Annual passenger traffic on RAC

 Railways – total km

 Roadways (paved) – total km

 Roadways (unpaved) – total km

 Waterways – total km

Calculate the following ratios: 1) population/land area, 2) number of airports/land area, 3) railways

(km)/land area, 4) paved roadways (km)/land area, and 5) waterways (km)/land area. Create a table for the data you

collected from the CIA Factbook and the ratios you calculated. Begin your analysis by evaluating the data on the

table and then ranking each country separately by the following criteria: Real GDP per capita, airport ratio, railways

ratio, paved roadways ratio, and waterways ratio. Based on these rankings, which country appears to be the most

developed? Second most developed? Third most developed? Last place? Now examine the maps. Does the

territorial morphology (shape) of each state appear to have any impact on your rankings?

Write up your findings in a report. Your introduction should detail the assignment and explain the

methodology. Write a separate section for each country. Give a general overview of each country’s economy and

level of development. Next, explain whether you think the development trajectory as measured by GDP and

transportation infrastructure is affected by its territorial shape. Your conclusion should summarize your findings for

the all four countries. Your paper should be at least eight pages in length (4,000 – 4,500 words). Include your

table and maps in your document. Do not cite outside material for your paper. Use only data from 2022 CIA World

Factbook and the textbook.

Please format your paper in the following manner:

 Cover sheet, folder or binder – NO

 Ink color – black

 Margins – 1” all sides

 Font – Times New Roman

 Font size – 10 point

 Line spacing – double

 Paragraph indent – .5 inches

 Running header left – your name

 Running header right – date

 Page numbers – centered at bottom

 Word count – enter at the end of your

document (Word Count = xxxx)

Begin your paper at the top of the first page. This paper is due on May 6 and is worth 80 points. Please

submit a copy in Microsoft Word ( x format) in the Dropbox on Beachboard by 11:59 P.M. that evening.



















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