Posted: August 23rd, 2021

Alpha Marketing Report

Chosen brand: CHANEL

Students are required to research a fashion brand of their choice and analyze its positioning strategy in the market. 
● The report will assess students’ ability to collect data, in an efficient manner and use this data to scrutinise the marketing aspects of a fashion brand. 
● The report will be covering the following subjects: 

1. Analysis Of The Macro And Micro-environment of the brand. 

2. Positioning Strategy Of The Brand: Target Customer(Pen Portrait) 

3. Competitor Analysis. 

4. Critical evaluation of the marketing communications strategy of the brand

supporting the development of the individual report, using relevant PRIMARY and SECONDARY RESEARCH. 

NB: Please kindly devise a survey (Google forms) and make up some responses to it so as to then incorporate PRIMARY results into the report. Thanks

see attached file

word count: 2000 words

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