Posted: December 13th, 2021

American Military University GEOG 101 Week 6

Question 1 of 25
Although agriculturally productive, _______ does not usually produce a food surplus because it must grow enough to feed its dense population.
A. the Liao-Songhua Basin
B. the Northeast China Plain
C. the North China Plain
D. Xinjiang
Question 2 of 25
India, Pakistan, and China are unlikely to risk a significant conflict over their competing claims in Kashmir because _______.
A. the people of Kashmir are united in their desire for independence
B. the harsh conditions there
C. all three have nuclear weapons
D. there’s little of value there
Question 3 of 25
Which is not a reason why Pakistan is considered part of the South Asian realm?
A. Ethnic continuity links it with India.
B. English is the lingua franca, as it is in India.
C. It has a very large Hindu population.
D. It evolved as part of the British Empire.
Question 4 of 25

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