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Week 2: Industrialization & Race,

Imperialism, and Progressivism;

Paper 1

Andrew Holt

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9/8/22, 4:16 AM
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Week 2: Industrialization & Race, Imperialism, and Progressivism;

Paper 1

Dear Class, 

Thanks for your hard work in Week 1. Please note that if you have not

emailed me in response to the Recorded Course Overview or completed the

Week 1 Quiz, then I have no record of your online “attendance” in the course.

This means you could be dropped from the course at some point this week.

If this applies to you, then please email me asap, no later than Tuesday

morning, if you wish to stay in the course. Again, if you completed the Week

1 Quiz or emailed me in response to listening to the Recorded Course

Overview in Week 1, then you are good to go, but if not, then you can be

dropped if I do not hear from you quickly, letting me know you wish to

remain in the course. 

This week, we are considering the topics of Industrialization and

Race/Imperialism/Progressivism in your course lectures (and these topics

are the focus of your Week 2 Quiz, due by Sunday night). More significantly,

you also have your first paper due this week. The details for that assignment

were covered in the Week 1 Module and are available there (since we

covered Westward Expansion in Week 1). Please review the guidelines

carefully before submitting your paper this week. 

Good luck and I hope you enjoy the holiday on Monday. 

All the best, 


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9/8/22, 4:16 AM
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9/8/22, 4:16 AM
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Week 1: August 29- September 4- In-
troduction to the Course & Westward
Expansion- QUIZ 1

Due No Due Date Points None

Required Video Lecture(s)

Westward Expansion



0:00 / 27:19

9/10/22, 11:54 PM
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PPT for Lecture


Required Readings:



No textbook readings for Week 1- The recorded lecture will provide important

background information for your Week 1 quiz and paper (see below). Please make

sure to listen to it carefully and take notes, as the quizzes each week, although

timed, are open book and largely based off of the lectures.


Primary Source (Make sure to listen to the Westward Expansion lecture before

reading this): Frederick Jackson Turner- The Significance of the Frontier in

American History (



Article: Martin Ridge- Life of an Idea




Online Week 1 Quiz- This week you will take a 10 question (multiple choice or

true/false) quiz covering the material from Week 1. This includes course policies

as laid out in introductory video and the syllabus, as well as on the topic of

Westward expansion (roughly five questions on each topic). None of the questions

are very difficult if you watch the two videos (Introduction to the Course and

Westward Expansion), as they will all be addressed in those videos. 

9/10/22, 11:54 PM
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Westward Expansion), as they will all be addressed in those videos. 

Do not click on the quiz unless you are ready to complete it at that time. You only

have one opportunity to take it (so you must prepare in advance) and you will only

have 15 minutes to complete it. Since you have an entire week to complete the

quiz, no quiz make ups will be allowed if you miss it. The quiz must be completed

by Sunday night at 11:59 pm.

Paper 1 

Please also watch this short video outlining expectations for your paper

assignment. Please note that the due dates for each paper can vary by class. In

your case, your paper is due at the end of Week 2. Also, rather than a 25% late

penalty, as mentioned in the recorded Paper Overview, I have changed it to only a

10% late penalty. 

Paper Overview


You will need to upload a copy of your paper during Week 2 (No later than

Sunday night, September), at 11:59 pm). It is your responsibility to make sure

that you have properly uploaded your paper, so make sure to double check.

Your paper can still be accepted for up to one week after the due date, but

will receive a 10% late penalty.

Please upload your paper as a standard Word attachment (do not use Google

docs, or any other method). If you do not currently have access to Word, then

you can download Microsoft Office for free (roughly a $100 value) on the

FSCJ website.

9/10/22, 11:54 PM
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Please listen to this week’s lectures and read the assigned readings for this

assignment (mentioned below).

Review the questions below.

Write a 3–4-page (minimum) paper: normal margins, typed, double-spaced,

12-point font, well-edited, and stapled. Make sure to focus on addressing the

questions below in a well-organized and easy to follow format.

The three-page requirement means (at least) three full pages of your original

text, rather than a creatively spaced three-page paper.  Also, three pages is

just the minimum, as you may certainly submit a lengthier paper. 

Avoid lengthy quotations from the assigned readings. You should provide (at

a minimum) three full pages of your original analysis, rather than simply

copying and pasting large sections from the reading into your paper. Some

small in text quotations are acceptable but avoid lengthy block quotations.

Make sure your paper includes a proper introduction and conclusion. 

Any case of plagiarism will result in a zero for the assignment. It is your

responsibility to make sure you understand the meaning of plagiarism and

that you do not try to pass off someone else’s work as your own. Make sure to

draw all your information from the assigned readings for each paper


You should avoid including outside sources and focus instead on providing a

careful and substantive comprehensive analysis of Turner’s essay and Ridge’s

article (which eliminates the need for a bibliography or works cited page). 

Since you are using only two assigned sources for the writing of this paper,

there is no need to provide a bibliography or works cited page.


Please carefully read Frederick Jackson Turner’s The Significance of the Frontier

9/10/22, 11:54 PM
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Please carefully read Frederick Jackson Turner’s The Significance of the Frontier

in American History and Martin Ridge’s article “Life of an Idea.” Then, based on

these readings, in a well-introduced and well-organized traditional essay

format, please address the following questions. 

Carefully define the Turner Thesis. What are its key arguments? According to

Turner, how did the frontier change the characteristics of Americans and make

them different from other peoples? How did it make Americans more democratic?

According to Ridge, how was the Turner Thesis historically received by Americans

and others? What is its (Turner’s thesis, not the frontier) significance in U.S. history?


9/10/22, 11:54 PM
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