Posted: August 6th, 2022


· Write a 3 page paper that includes information from all of the concepts listed
below; identify how the selected movie portrayed the concepts effectively (whether
it’s considered right or wrong in reality) based on explanations in your textbook (do
cite your textbook in your paper using the MLA format). PLEASE LABEL EACH OF

§ Principles of interpersonal communication

§ Culture and culture differences

§ Perception of self and others

§ Verbal Messages and nonverbal messages

§ Communicating emotions

§ Conflict management/resolution

§ Listening barriers

§ Gender and listening

§ Conversation Messages

Do not simply recount what happens in the movie. I am more interested in your ability to explain
and apply the concepts listed above and their portrayal/illustration throughout the movie

Here’s an example I would include in my paper for “Our Family Wedding:”
According to DeVito, “The distinction between individualist and collectivist cultures
revolves around the extent to which the individual’s goals or the group’s goals are given
greater importance” (33). The Boyd and Ramirez families are uniquely different, yet,
similar in their rightful ways. The Boyd family can be identified as being part of an
individualistic culture (teaches members the importance of individual values), whereas
the Ramirez family can be identified as being part of a collectivistic culture (teaches
members the importance of group values)…I would continue this part of my paper by
providing an example from the movie for each family.

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