Posted: June 13th, 2022


The purpose of the Informatics Solution Proposal is to increase knowledge and ability with informatics and technology products for the health care workplace setting. You will review the functionality of various products and select one that best meets the needs of a health care setting. This is the first phase of your project, which is issue identification.
Identify an issue (either clinical or administrative) in a health care workplace that could be resolved by implementing an informatics or technology solution. For example, a health care facility using assignment charts for all patient records is an issue that could be resolved by implementing an electronic health record (EHR).
Draft a 350-word letter or memo to a nursing administrator, informing them of the clinical or administrative problem, why it is a concern and a request for permission to research and propose a solution.
Note: Do not identify a specific solution or product. You are only defining the existing problem and requesting permission to research possible solutions.
Support your letter with at least 3 peer-reviewed resources.
Issue identification-Fully identified the administrative or clinical issue that could be resolved with an informatics or technology solution.
Issue justification-Fully described the reason the issue is a concern.
Request for permission-Requested permission to propose a solution.
Written communication-The letter was concise, with exceptional attention to detail, and was free of errors.
APA guidelines-The letter was fully formatted according to APA guidelines, and it included mostly correct APA citations of sources.

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