Posted: September 19th, 2022


Please see the attached instruction and questions. 

Applied Humanities – Artifacts and Theme

1. Choose two artifacts that have been created by different artists and were created during different time periods (ex. separated by at least 50 years). These artifacts may take the form of any artistic medium, such as literature, poetry, music, film, dance, painting, and sculpture, and so on.

1. Describe the two artifacts you will compare for your course project, by addressing the following;

1. The title of the work

1. The name of the artist, author, or composer

1. The date (if known) and time period in which the work was created.

1. The cultural setting or physical location of the artifact

1. The edition you’ve been reading (if the work is literary) and the name of the translator (if the work was translated into English)

1. The performance you’ve been evaluating (if the work is musical)

1. Identify a theme that is common to both artifacts. The theme will serve as the framework or basis of your comparison of the two works. Be sure to address the following:

1. State the theme.

1. Explain how the theme is expressed in each of your two works, being as specific and detailed as possible.

1. Point out differences between how the theme is expressed in the two works.

1. Relate the theme to your personal experience. By reflecting on the theme you’ve selected, relate it to your personal experience. Make sure to address the following;

1. Explain how the theme is personally meaningful to you or how it relates to your personal experience.

1. Provide specific details to support your explanation.

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