Posted: September 19th, 2022


The “Introduction” from Lynn Mackenzie’s Non-Western Art outlines some of
the ways that art has functioned for members of various cultures:

a) Art for intervention: These restricted objects often promised access to
supernatural power or existence;

b) Art for affiliation: Artifacts passed from one generation to the next, which
often conveyed that person or family’s place within the community’s hierarchy;

c) Art for documentation: Past events, historical figures, spiritual beliefs, and
other components of a society can be preserved through art;

d) Art for aesthetic contemplation: A visit to a museum can demonstrate that
this function is the prevailing perspective of art for contemporary Western
audiences, as people use art for the appreciation and enjoyment of beauty;

Choose only ONE of the following Ancient or Medieval African works of
art, and explore at least one of the possible functions of this artifact for
the people who made and used it. Write one page response

You will have to read the provided reflections on the links related to these
artifacts to have a better idea of the possible meanings of them before writing
your response.

1. Nilotic Cultures: From Ancient Egypt => “Menkaure and Khamerernebty”

2. Nilotic Cultures: From Ancient Egypt => “Queen Tiy”

3. Nilotic Cultures: From Kingdoms of Kush (or Cush) => “Taharqa Sphinx”

4. Nok Cultures: From the region of Nigeria => “Female Figurine”

5. Ife Cultures: From the region of southern Nigeria today => “Queen Mother of
Oba Esigie”

King Menkaure (Mycerinus) and queen

Portrait Head of Queen Tiye

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