Posted: June 19th, 2022

art work

The final paper is a single work of art analysis guided by a special
theme/research question. (The works and research questions are listed
in this Sunday’s assignment)
Based on the specific research question associated with your work of
art, you will create a unique paper title that reflects how you
discuss the theme.
As part of your analysis, you will carefully describe and analyze each
artwork: What is the format? How is it an intermedia or multimedia
artwork? What are the artistic strategies/techniques used to make it?
What are the ideas/concepts at stake? Which movement/genre is the
artwork part of? How has the work been talked about by the artist and
by scholars in art history and in other humanities disciplines?
Collect all the information that answers the research question/execute
keyword search with the research question in mind
For this assignment due on June 9nd, you will create an outline for
your final paper.
Read the Palmquist, “How to Create an Outline.” (It is listed as a
required reading later in the semester. If you are curious now, here
is a link)

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