Posted: March 12th, 2023

Arts ideas

Dis 5

 Based on the monuments depicted in our text (chapters 6 & 7), how would you characterize these societies – peaceful or war centered? Give an example of how we honor war and peace today. How would future scholars view our society based on our monuments? 

Dis 6

 Citing images from the corresponding chapter, how is a spiritual being shown in art? What symbols are used to convey divinity? 

Dis 7

 How were works of art utilized in different cultures’ burial rituals? Why? Since we are near the end of class, my intention is for this thread to be comprehensive. Feel free to use examples from any of the chapters we have covered. 

Dis 8

 Now that we're at the end of class, I hope you realize how much art and history are intertwined and the benefits that we can gain from its study. Decide which ancient culture was the most interesting to you and why, and then post a related website (not currently used in the class) that provides good information about your chosen culture.  

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