Posted: June 10th, 2022

assgnment (vid)

Individual Video Assignment: Lean Six Sigma or Not
You are the new Operations Manager of a business and have been assigned by the CEO to produce a Lean Six Sigma feasibility study for the business to consider for operations. The business has had recent problems with operations. Now is the time for you to impress the leaders and stakeholders of the business on your knowledge of quality assurance tools and your knowledge of quality solutions to practical problems. For this activity, you will create a video presentation outlining your plan based on your feasibility study.
Begin by learning more about Lean Six Sigma tools in the video that follows.
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You will create a Zoom video of your plan that explains the concept of lean operations and how waste can be eliminated from the system. Here is a breakdown of what is required in your video:
An explanation of Lean Six Sigma and a comparison of at least four tools that could be used by the business.
A description of the current operations problems and describe how these tools could help. This can be a problem you’ve experienced in current or past employment, or you can create a hypothetical situation.
A description of a minimum of two examples of how operations can be wasteful.
Conduct a root cause analysis of at least two real or potential operations problems in the business.
An assessment of the planning tools used to prioritize and help control the transition process to Lean Six Sigma used in the business and identify any potential problems that could derail the effort.
Finally, a recommendation and justification for either adopting Lean Six Sigma tools and techniques or rejecting the idea.
Your video presentation should beat least five minutesin length.
PS: Do the transcript and I will make the video.

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