Posted: June 21st, 2022

Assignment 4

For months the Board of Education has received numerous complaints about the arrogance of the superintendent, who has succeeded in offending just about everyone. Now the Board has fired him and named you interim superintendent. You are expected to be a peacemaker and lead stakeholders to a more positive perception of the district. To that end, the Board has asked you to drafta general position statementthat will eventually be incorporated into the district policy manual. This statement should comprise your understanding of and justification of
· effective organization leadership
· partnerships with various stakeholders
· sustained comprehensive educational reform
Interviewat least two highly competent administrators that you know. Discuss with them the three items listed above and incorporate their responses into this assignment. In your position statement, present three sections labeled according to the bulleted items above.
Your paper should exhibit content also
1. Accurately cite and reference atminimumfour peer-reviewedsources.
2. It should exemplify skillful writing, clarity, and strict adherence to APAguidelines.
3. Please note that this paper should be 5 pages in length and not exceed 2500 words(excluding cover sheet, references and rubric).

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