Posted: August 2nd, 2022

assignment 5

instructions attached 

The Labor Relations Department in a union-based manufacturing company has requested the design and development of a management training course to address the lack of preparedness for arbitration meetings. The meetings are a result of employee grievances against management actions or perceived contract violations. The organization loses 90% of the grievance cases taken to arbitration, costing millions of dollars. The findings of the needs analysis indicate that managers are unaware of basic policies set forth by the collective bargaining agreement and lack the interpersonal skills to de-escalate conflict. Seventy-five percent of the managers who are reported to Labor Relations through employee grievances have less than five years of management experience; however, the group averages 15 years of employment with the organization. Based on needs analysis, a training intervention is deemed appropriate to address the performance gap.

Angela is a recent instructional design graduate who has been hired to join the Human Resources Training Department. Angela is assigned to the Labor Relations’ project during her second week on the job. Angela has been directed to formulate the learning objectives, assessments, and evaluation plan, based on the needs analysis. Although Angela completed design projects for her graduate courses and feels competent to develop the learning objectives, she is less certain of her capabilities concerning formative and summative assessments, and formative, summative, and confirmative evaluations. 


Write a paper, no more than 1 1/2 pages, in which you respond to the following:

· You are Angela’s coworker—explain the difference between the different types of assessments and evaluations. 

· If you were Angela, what types of assessments (knowledge checks, role plays, pre- and post-assessments, et cetera.) would you consider for measuring the effectiveness of the instruction?

· If you were Angela, how quickly would you conduct a confirmative evaluation following the training, and what data would you collect to measure the effectiveness of the instruction?

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