Posted: August 3rd, 2022



Watch the Video below as part of the study guide.

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1. What are two important ideas from this (video) lecture?

At the Dark End of the Street Excerpts

McGuire prologue-2

Download McGuire prologue-2


Download McGuire.33-37-2


Download McGuire.54-61

McGuire 190-195

Download McGuire 190-195

2. Describe the Recy Taylor incident.

3. How does McGuire describe the racial and sexual atmosphere during this period?

4. Describe the McGee incident.

5. Describe Fannie Lou Hamer’s experiences.

6. What is your opinion of this reading?


a) What is your opinion of a work of academic literature from this week? (secondary). What did you find important or interesting from this reading?

b) We read numerous primary sources on 2nd wave feminism, and conflicts between work and family in the postwar period. Which did you find interesting and why? Or, do you think that these issues are still with us today?


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