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Assignment 1 – The midterm is worth 50 points and is to be a minimum of 2-3 pages (approximately 1000-1500 words) double-spaced, indent paragraphs, Times New Roman 12 — cite references — APA format.
“Don’t let my son dress up as a girl!”
You are to analyze this case study about Mr. Jackson – the father of 4-year-old Victor-who insists his son not be permitted to play with clothes or accessories typically associated with girls and women. This issue involves a conflict between a request made by a family member and what the teacher believes is good practice.
The Situation:
Victor enjoys playing dress-up in the dramatic play area. He is a quiet and reserved child who usually follows other children’s lead. But when engaging in dramatic play, Victor’s leadership shines as he collaboratively creates scenarios with his classmates. He is particularly adept at playing characters such as firemen, princesses, bumblebees, and moms. One day Mr. Jackson, Victor’s father, who rarely comes to the center, arrives to pick up Victor and sees that he is in a pink princess costume. He curtly tells Marge, Victor’s teacher, that he does not want her to allow Victor to play in the dress-up area in the future. He then orders Victor to change, and they quickly leave, with Victor hanging his head. Marge is taken aback by Mr. Jackson’s behavior.
The center is devoted to fostering relationships with all of its families, and Marge has recently made great strides in attracting Victor’s family to potlucks and school workdays. The staff collectively believe that in addition to building children’s imaginations, dramatic play enhances their social communication skills and is an integral part of the learning process that gives children opportunities to develop abstract thinking, literacy, math, and social studies skills.
What should Marge, an ethical teacher, do?
The first question you should ask yourself is, “Does this issue concern right and wrong, rights and responsibilities, human welfare, or individuals’ best interests?” If you answer no to all of these questions, it is not an ethical issue and you will have Marge address it as she would handle any workplace issue. If you answer yes to any of the areas, she is facing an ethical issue. You will need to decide whether the issue is an ethical responsibility or an ethical dilemma. Once you make that decision, you need to:
1) Describe the conflicting responsibilities
2) Brainstorm possible resolutions
3) Consider ethical finesse
4) Identify the ideals or principles within the NAYEC Code of Ethical Conduct that provides guidance
5) Decide on a justifiable course of action
Assignment 2 Don’t forget to add Citations and References
Research to learn the major steps and considerations required to configure a DNS server on a network server, either a Windows 2016 Server or a Linux server – your choice. You should have at least six steps identified in this process for either operating system.
Assignment 3 Don’t forget to add citations and References
Research and share at least three of the common faults or disadvantages of implementing DHCP on a local area network. For each of the faults you list, suggest how it could be overcome, resolved, or avoided.
Assignment 4
Access and read the article ”
21 Top Cyber Security Threats and How Threat Intelligence Can Help(Links to an external site.)
” by Orion Cassetto on the Exabeam web site.
Select 5 security threats from those listed in the article and rank them by their potential to cause serious harm with the most harmful first and least (of your five) harmful last. For each of these threats, identify how it propagates, how it attacks, what conditions must exist for it to be “successful,” and how can it be prevented or detected?

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