Posted: March 12th, 2023

BHA310 Introduction to Legal and Ethical Aspects of Healthcare

2/28/23, 6:28 PM Case - BHA310 Introduction to Legal and Ethical Aspects of Healthcare (2023FEB27FT-1) 1/2

Module 1 - Case


Assignment Overview

As a healthcare professional, it is your responsibility to be ethically sound. You have an essential responsibility to effectively apply ethical reasoning to crucial decisions. One method of elevating your ethical reasoning abilities is through the practice, reading, and understanding of case studies. While every case is not identical, the review of ethical case studies prepares you for similar incidents that may arise.

Case Assignment

For the Module 1 Case Assignment, review 2 cases from the AMA Journal of Ethics (http://journalofethics.ama-

In a 2- to 3-page paper complete the following:

1. Identify each case that you have selected. Include the title, the author, the date, and a brief purpose of the case.

2. Explain in detail the ethical issue of each case.

3. Identify the ethical principle(s) that are relevant in the cases from the 4 basic ethical principles (justice, autonomy, non-maleficence, beneficence). Justify in detail why the case applies to the ethical principles you identified.

4. Explain from a healthcare professional perspective what you would have done differently in the case, or if you agree with how it was handled, explain your reasoning. This should not be opinion but a supported ethical analysis using evidence-based resources.

You are to support your analysis and views with at least 3 scholarly references (e.g., peer-reviewed journals).

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Assignment Expectations

1. Conduct additional research to gather sufficient information to justify/support your analysis.

2. Limit your response to a maximum of 3 pages.

3. Support your paper with peer-reviewed articles, with at least 3 references. Use the following link for additional information on how to recognize peer-reviewed journals:

4. You may use the following source to assist in your formatting your assignment:

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