Posted: August 2nd, 2022

Bibliography Assignment v1

Bibliography Assignment

Topic Great Depression  focus on how the AAA and NIRA programs helped in combatting the Great Depression. In your intro you can briefly summarize how the Depression changed the government and out nation’s economy. 

· Instructions: Create a working bibliography (also sometimes called Works Cited or References page) of at least six (6) sources in one of the approved formats in

Chicago/Turabian style.

Your bibliography must include the following source types:

·  Two primary sources

· One scholarly journal article – this must be a peer-reviewed journal article, not a book review or a student published article

· One secondary source – may not be the Yawp

· One additional source of your choosing – may not be a source from the eText or a tertiary source (tertiary sources are reference materials, like encyclopedias, dictionaries, and textbooks)

Your annotation must include the following information

· A summary of the content of the source or the content of the online exhibit

· A summary of the author’s thesis and conclusions or the purpose of the online exhibit

· A description of the evidence that the author used to support the thesis or a description of the images in the online exhibit

· A statement about how and why the source will be helpful for your own research

Assignment Format:


Primary   Source #1






Primary   Source #2


Scholarly   Journal #1


Secondary   Source 1


An   Additional Source


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