Posted: September 19th, 2022


RESEARCH & REFLECT the structure, function and purpose of The Scientific Method and
the Political Views of our Society.
Submit a 2 page, APA-formatted paper based on the following:

● Research the Science of The Scientific Method (See Resources below)
○ Structure
○ Function
○ Purpose

● Political Views of our Society
○ Right and/or Wrong
○ Good and/or Bad
○ Ethical and/or unethical
○ Moral and/or unmoral

● What to do?
● See a Need, Fill a Need:

○ Based on an observation that you have made or will make, create something that
fills a need; doesn’t really matter how far-fetched or simplistic it is; or what its
purpose is used for; as long as it’s based on Observations and Questions.


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