Posted: June 15th, 2022

bio-psycho-social-spiritual assessment on The Lost Years

Complete an assessment on the daughter in the book.  The paper should demonstrate knowledge of the course readings, lectures, activities, and discussions.  It should also inclue at least two additional scholarly references.

In the evaluation part of the paper, it should incorporate knowledge of the effects of substances on the indivdiual, family system, employment, etc.  This is where the paper should include references.  Encouraged  to refer to the ASI as a guide to more in depth questions for each section.  APA format 10 pages 12 point font 1″ margins.

Divided into sections:

General information: gender ,age race, city, housing status, marital status, children, etc.

Medical status: Any current and/or previous medical conditions, presecribed medications, etc.

Education and Employment status/history: Highest level of educaiton, history of employment, goals of employment, current and past means of supporting self, etc.

Psychiatric status; any current and/or prior psychiatric diagnosis, interventions, psychotropic medications, counseling, etc.

Substance use: drugs used currently/previously, how much used, where used, triggers,’etc.

Treatment/intervention history:  treatment used historically and currently (if any) and the outcomes, etc.

Family History: Detailed substance use history/current use, child maltreatment, client’s role in the family, client’s current involvement with the family, etc.

Social Relationships:  Intimate partners, violence, friendships, current and history, etc.

Culture and Identity: spiritual beliefs, cultural practices, etc.

Legal status: interactions with law enforcement, prison, jail, etc.

Evaluation:  How di the client’s history affect the client throughout her life?  And what may continue to affect her?  Based upon the client’s history and current status, as well as your knowledge of substance misuse, what are the risks and strengths that may exist?  Be sure to cite research in this section.

Recommendations: Based upon the information gathered, what are your current recommendations for the client? And why?

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