Posted: June 11th, 2022

Budgets & shooting schedules

Next week, we’re going to take a look at planning a production. Writing is part of pre-production but there are a lot of other tasks in this stage, including creating a budget and shooting schedule. As a preview, I’d like you to go online and see what examples of budgets and/or shooting schedules you can find. You can compare all types of media, not just corporate and institutional projects. Post what you find as well as your thoughts. Does the cost or amount of time surprise you? Or do the examples seem reasonable?
Example for classmate
I decided to look for both a budget and schedule and trying to determine how many crew members would be needed for each scene. The schedule seems pretty straightforward. It looks like they used and Excel sheet for the various scenes, characters, settings, costumes, shots and props. As I’m already planning for my senior project next year, I have used the same format so far. It may change throughout but I think it’s easier to use than other types. One thing I did notice with their schedule is that they are filming in order. For example, they start with “shot 3” and continue in order but I know because I’ve done this, not everything needs to be shot that way. A video I once did, the first few clips in the film were the last ones filmed.
The budget example I have always makes me wonder how many of the crew are needed and what are they exactly. Like, do you need that many grips and what the heck is a best boy. I always see these in the credits after a film or show but no idea what the use is. So with all these crew members the cost would be $296,300.00. They are only 4-6 weeks so I could imagine if you needed them for more how much it would cost but then again, maybe that’s why they only work for that amount of time. Maybe they have a budget of $300,000 so they couldn’t hold these crew members anymore.

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