Posted: August 23rd, 2021

BUSINESS ASSIGNMENT *Short turn around required* No Plagiarism

 Imagine that you are an HR Manager on a global HRM planning committee. You are required to present to upper management six (6) main concerns related to global human resources matters. 
You have compiled data about four (4) of those concerns in previous assignments, but you need to add two (2) more elements to the presentation. 
The VP of Human Resource Management has asked you to present a PowerPoint presentation to upper management to discuss your previous findings. Those findings included culture in a global environment, expatriate turnover reduction, recruitment factors to consider for Japan or Saudi Arabia and important steps to consider in an on-boarding process.
In addition to presenting data of the previous assignments, the VP of Human Resources Management wants you to discuss a compensation strategy that would support international operations in your company and to identify two or three (2-3) key strategies your company could use to enhance ethical behavior, labor relations, and work conditions.
Create a ten to fifteen (10-15) slide PowerPoint in which you:

Share information you have learned about different cultures that exist in a global corporation and global market.
Explain why expatriate turnover exists.
Discuss recruitment strategies in Japan
Explain an on-boarding process.
Recommend compensation strategies, as well as strategies that enhance ethics, labor relations, and work conditions.
Format your assignment according to the following formatting requirements:

a. Format the PowerPoint presentation with headings on each slide and one (1) relevant graphic (photograph, graph, clip art, etc.). Ensure that the presentation is visually appealing and readable from up to 18 feet away. 

b. Include a title slide containing the title of the assignment, your name, your professor’s name, the course title, and the date.

c. Narrate each slide as if you were presenting them in a meeting, and write out detailed speaker notes. 

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