Posted: August 22nd, 2021

Business Crimes


For this assignment you will be creating a crime prevention plan. This assignment will follow Lesson 4’s template of quadrants and seven columns, but applied to crime and tort. Think about customer and partner crimes and torts as well as those not associated with the business. The business will be a barber shop 

  1.  List your Quadrant A crimes and torts
  2. 2.  List your Quadrant B crimes and torts
  3. 3.  List your Quadrant C crimes and torts
  4. 4.  List your Quadrant D crimes and torts
  5. 5.  Complete a Crime Prevention table (from the article Hirai, 2015):
  6. a.  The first column, Crime Factors, will derive from your four Quadrants of crimes and torts.
  7. b.  The second column, Type, is based on what type of crime it is.
  8. c.  The third column, Likelihood, is your decision of low, medium, or high potential of crimes and torts.
  9. d.  The fourth column, Consequences, is your description of what will happen to the company if that crime and tort comes to “life.” Be thoughtful, be realistic, be truthful, and be specific.
  10. e.  The fifth column, Mitigation Tactics, is a list of your ideas of what you can do to minimize the impact of the consequence (column 4) or to reduce the likelihood of it happening.
  11. f.  The sixth column, Mitigation Costs, is your determination of the cost(s) for each mitigating factor (column 5). The costs may not be solely financial. Think about the non-financial risks as well. Again, be thoughtful, be realistic, be truthful, and be specific.
  12. g.  The seventh column, Status, is your decision of which mitigating tactics (column 5) you will implement.
  13. Your table would look like the following with the first risk factor as an example:
  14. Crime Factors
  15. Type
  16. Likelihood
  17. Consequences
  18. Mitigation Tactics
  19. Mitigation Costs
  20. Status
  21. Not paying sales taxes
  22. Legal & Regulatory
  23. Low
  24. Government places lien on business, may be held personally liable for the taxes
  25. Hire CPA to complete taxes, annually and quarterly; file taxes
  26. $150-$400/hour, depending on work being done by CPA
  27. In planning phase
  28. Arson
  29. Low
  30. Aggravated Assault 
  31. Low
  32. Trespassing/Soliciting 
  33. High
  34. Unfair Competition
  35. High
  36. Burglary 
  37. Low

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