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Case studies

Case Study Summary 1

Aerion Ramsey

Nova Southeastern University

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Case Activity 1.1

Shirley Lane is the individual I chose because she works at a facility for developmentally

disabled individuals. Shirley Lane has the funding for a research project, and the training that

goes along with it. However, Shirley Lane must develop her management skills in planning,

supervising, managing finances, and evaluating for the project to be successful (Lewis, Packard,

& Lewis, 2012, p. 5).

If I was in this situation, I would consider my current and potential management skills in

assessing my career goals. Having the opportunity to fund a research project for an approach I

believed would be helpful to others is wonderful. Therefore, taking the time to improve

management skills would be beneficial to me as a person as well as make the research project

and training a success. The ultimate goal is showing the approach is effective.

Since Shirley Lane works at a facility for adults who are developmentally disabled, I

would consider finances and human resources in assessing the kinds of activities I would like at

work. I would consider finances because a lot of facilities want to do more with their clients, but

they do not have the funds to do so. I would consider human resources, because other workers

have to be involved to make the project successful.

Developing human resources and managing finances are the two skills I would need to

develop if I moved further in management. I need to increase my developing human resources

skills to be able to place the correct individual in or over the proper section of the project to

make it successful. I need to enhance my skills in managing finances to properly fund each

section of the project or program.

I think Shirley Lane should enhance her skills in planning, supervising, managing

finances, and evaluating to make her research project a success. Since she is the one who created

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the approach, she should be the one to oversee the research project and training. She will notice

what is right or wrong before an individual from the outside will. I would also try to develop my

managerial functions if I was in the same


Case Activity 2.1

Marcia Butler, Angela Ortiz, and Pam Collins saw a need for a battered women’s

program that consisted of shelter, medical services, vocational counseling, and therapy for family

and personal. They currently worked at the Department of Human Services; their general

manager wanted them to create a proposal and he would consider it further. However, the

general manager was not willing to relocate funds to fund the new needed program (Lewis,

Packard, &Lewis, 2012, p. 41 – 42).

If I were in the same situation as Marcia Butler, Angela Ortiz, and Pam Collins, I would

find a way to create the needed program. I would write a grant proposal, pass out flyers, have

fundraisers, and network with others who can find people who are willing to fund the program.

There are a lot of women who are battered in the world. Sometimes we tend to look at them and

wonder why they have allowed themselves to stay in an abusive situation for so long, but the

reason could be anything. This program would help more of those women who are afraid.

A grant being awarded to the Department of Human Services or the women’s shelter

seems to be most promising for solving the problem. The Department of Human Services and the

women’s shelter both have some of the services required for the new program. With the grant, it

will be possible for them to incorporate the other services needed to complete the new program.

To develop a comprehensive program, Marcia Butler, Angela Ortiz, and Pam Collins,

need to write a formal statement of purpose and goals for their program. They should see

specifically what services the DHS and women’s shelter provide separately and calculate how

much each additional service will cost to add. They should write a grant proposal for the

program and look for other ways to fund the program. Those are the steps I would take in this


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Lewis, J. A., Packard, T. R., & Lewis, M. D. (2012). Management of human service programs

(5th ed.). Belmont, CA: Brooks/Cole.

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