Posted: August 23rd, 2021

Case Studies


Each case is to be developed individually.
The length of this assignment should be 1 page per case . Total of 3 pages.(APA format)
2. Provide a compact summary about the subject, background, family, teachers , therapists and other personnel involved, and the problem present at the time for each case.  Copy and answer questions compacting answers at the end of each case. 
3-Reference (only use this source as reference): Textbook chapters attached 
textbook tittle: Lerner, J.W., & John, B. (2014). Learning disabilities and related disabilities: Strategies for success. Boston, MA: Cengage Learning.
Case Study 10
Chapter 10 page 291, 10.2
Teacher’s Role in the IEP
Case Study 11
Chapter 11, page 314, 11.2
Peter’s First Word
Case Study 12
Chapter 12, page 346, 12.1
An Individual with Dyslexia

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