Posted: September 16th, 2022

Case study on indigenous population in Australia

Case study on indigenous population in Australia 

Case study population group:

Indigenous population in Australia

Choose a population group to write a case study[2000 words] about. The case study will explore and critically analyse communication and cultural factors impacting health and wellbeing of the chosen population group. All students must discuss the population group chosen for the case study with their lecturer for approval. Appropriate writing style is essential for this assignment. The case study must be written in formal academic language with complete referencing and must demonstrate appropriate language that reflects the professional environment and conventions of the field.

The case study will be assessed on the following criteria.

Context and characteristics of population group described: 15%

Health status of the population group and relative inequities identified and discussed: 15%

Communication and cultural factors impacting health outcomes of population group explored, analysed and discussed: 30%

Strategies to address the communication and cultural barriers identified and discussed: 20%

All work is the student’s own, all information is appropriately referenced, and assessment is written following academic convention: 20%

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