Posted: September 16th, 2022

chapter 6 article

Chapter 6 reradings

Read Chapter 6 of your Textbook on Public Opinion:

Watch this lecture video on Public Opinion:

PLEASE read the following directions carefully. Most points are lost for not following directions.

Find a current news article (within one year of today) that is directly related to a specific topic featured in the video or textbook for this chapter. Include the link to the article at the top of your submission and write at least a 105 word summary of the article. The summary must be 100% in your own words (do not copy and paste or even quote the article). The article should also be related to the United States government (not an international story).

After the summary, you must tell me in at least 105 more words how this article is clearly and specifically related to the textbook and video. Please make this section separate from the summary (a separate paragraph, for example). This section must make it clear to me that you read and watched the material.

In case this isn’t clear, this submission should be at least 210 words total.

You may only use the following sources:,,,,, and The last two sources allow a certain number of article views per month, but the first four give you an unlimited number of views. You may need to create a free account to access some articles.

You may submit the paper late, but you lose 5 points each day it’s late.


(16-20 points) Summary demonstrates excellent understanding of news article. Student clearly connects the article to something specific they learned in the text/video. Well written with few or no spelling or grammatical mistakes. Met or exceeded word count.

(10-15 points) Summary demonstrates moderate understanding of news article. Student fails to clearly connect the article to something they learned in the text/video. More than a few spelling or grammatical mistakes. Did not meet word count.

(0-9 points) Summary demonstrates a lack of understanding of news article. Student does not connect the article to something they learned in the text/video. Several spelling or grammatical mistakes. Did not meet word count.

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