Posted: June 10th, 2022

CHD 166

early childhood
CHD 166 Infants and Toddlers
Sensory/Perception Project
Directions:You will be creating a Sensory/Perception PowerPoint/Prezi or taped Oral Presentation to illustrate how the following items contribute to the sensory development and perceptual abilities of infants
toddlers.For each item listed below, you will locate a picture of the item (each picture must be on a separate slide) or in the case of an Oral Presentation, you will show the actual item.You will describe how an infant and toddler would work with each item (hint: it will not be the same because of brain growth in the first two years of life) and then use the Milestones of Child Development to provide evidence on which domain (cognitive, physical, social/emotional, language, fine arts) the item stimulates and how it is beneficial to both an infant and a toddler.
For example: baby blanket or quilt
An infant might use this to comfort and self-soothe.
This correlates to the social/emotional domain in Milestones of Child Development, Strand 3: Expression of Feelings and Self-regulation: C1. Develop early emotional and behavioral regulation.
A toddler may pretend it is a superhero cape.
This correlates to the fine arts domain in Milestones of Child Development, Strand 3: Theatre Arts: C6. Engage in pretend play.
Your Presentation
be neat, orderly, and of professional quality (be sure to proof for spelling, grammar, and mechanics). This project is worth 15 points and must be submitted via Blackboard NO LATER than 11:59 PM on the assigned due date.
List of items for Sensory/Perception Project
__ small unbreakable mirror
__ soft bristle toothbrush and 1 soft bristle hair brush
__ small colored balls
__ hand puppet
__ colored straws
__ medium size ball
__ long colored scarf
__ unbreakable magnifying glass
__ baby blanket or quilt
__ rattle
__ wooden blocks of different shapes
__ mask with face shapes (eyes, ears nose, mouth)
__ animal forms
__ set of 4 diversity dolls
__ set of nesting cups
__ soft cloth
__ dressing doll
__ soft book
For this project, you will be using the Milestones of Child Development to illustrate how everyday items contribute to the sensory and perceptual development of infants and toddlers.If you are not familiar with how to use the Milestones of Child Development, please watch the video by Ms. Jeanne Hopkins that was designed for CHD 120.
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Official Course Syllabus 166 REMSON FA 13

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