Posted: June 19th, 2022

Classical Concert Review

Video to review: Beethoven 9 – Chicago Symphony Orchestra – Riccardo Muti

1. Below are some things you can write about, but the most important is the MUSIC. You don’t have to write about every piece on the program. Do write about how the sounds affected you, which voices, selections, or instruments touched you most, what you learned of interest about the composer(s), the performing group, and the compositions.

2. You will understand and appreciate a concert more, and write about it best if you do a little research. It’s easy to research on the Internet. Type in the name of the group and a list of web sites will pop up. The same is true for many composers. If the pieces were written in another century find out what you can about the type of composition, something about the composer.

3. Generally, in a music concert, some pieces or performers stand out more than the others. Everyone likes to hear about a special or even spectacular performance. You can’t write about every detail of every piece and every performer, so choose what seems most noteworthy.

4. Music is extremely important in human existence. It accompanies so much of life that it is a regular backdrop to our impressions of reality. It is very different to listen to a concert than it is to let it stream by as background. What makes the difference is in being informed about what you are hearing.

5. Paper should be no less than 700 words.Make sure to count.

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