Posted: August 3rd, 2022

Clinical Field Experience A: Student Engagement in Inclusive Environments


Clinical A

Engagement (cognitive, behavioral, emotional)

Project-Based Learning at Clear View Charter Elementary School (Learn and Live) (21: 23)

Inside the Classroom (1st grade) (28:01)

How to teach Kids | from a Prague kindergarten, part 1 | English for Children 2013 (19:53)

How to teach Kids | from a Prague kindergarten, part 2| English for Children 2013 (13:20)

Observation Lesson 4 (38:24) 2022

Close Reading: The History of Pizza (31:23) 2022

5th grade Model Lesson 1 hour and 34 minutes (list on the right of a variety of lessons that are at least an hour long)

Classroom Observation Lessons posted by Terryl Yates (scroll down until you see Observation Lessons. In that link there are a variety of observation lessons)

Literacy Environments

A Day in the Life of a Primary Teacher (20:15)

What I Have Learned about Flexible Seating (31:13)

Literacy Lesson First Grade

Physical Environments

Classroom Tour Middle School 2020 (20:12)

Classroom Tour (Variety of levels )

Literacy Lesson First Grade

Inclusive Environments

Teaching in the Inclusive Classroom: Differentiated Instruction (Middle School) 25:22

Ruby’s Inclusion Story (kindergarten) 2017 12:15

A variety of observations of Inclusive Classrooms

Classroom videos from Colin Colorado of effective instruction of ELL Students

Alternate Clinical Experience Video Summary

Clinical Field Experience A: Student Engagement in Inclusive Environments

1. Time: try to use about 2 hours with observations and the other hour credited for talking to your mentor.

2. Observations:

· Videos are in lieu of Observations

· Observe videos of an experienced teacher (must be from the approved list )

· make note of the classroom environments, paying attention to how it effects the students’ level of cognitive engagement, behavioral engagement, emotional engagement, as well as inclusion.

3. Mentor Discussion: discuss with your mentor teacher your classroom description from the Topic 1- Creating Literacy Environments assignment. Ask for feedback on what you wrote.

4. Turn in: (summaries and reflection)

· Video summaries that equal approximately 2 hours together. Use the template below for each video summary.

· Write a 250-500 word reflection of your video observations.

· Include examples of how the teachers’ literacy environments affected students’ cognitive engagement, behavioral engagement, emotional engagement, and inclusion.

· Suggest ideas on how engagement could be increased in the observed classrooms to make the classrooms even more inclusive.

· Explain how these types of engagement relate to inclusion and affect motivation.

· Briefly describe the feedback you received from your mentor teacher regarding your classroom description and the changes made to support inclusion.

Video Title



Topic Addressed:

Summary (
brief summary and what you learned from the video that you could apply to your own teaching)

Note: Choose with your mentor teacher an appropriate subject and standards to address in your digital literacy lesson plan. The lesson plan will be created in Topic 4 and taught (hypothetically) in Topic 6 .

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