Posted: August 23rd, 2021

Communication Techniques

Communication Techniques

Please      view this document before posting: Discussion Board      Guidelines and Examples [Word      Document]
Watch      the video clips on Reflective Listening, Active Listening, and Power of      Listening in the Required Resources.

VIDEO ////
VIDEO ////

The focus of this discussion is for you to consider listening strategies and communication techniques. Post a summary of your experiences and thoughts with regard to active listening and motivational strategies. Include a statement of what motivates you. Think about a recent meeting with a supervisor. Do you think the supervisor was an active listener to your concerns? Did you observe any reflective listening techniques being used? Was the conversation motivational? Why or why not? If you were a supervisor in a similar situation, how would you let someone know that you are listening to them?
Please be sure to validate your opinions and ideas with citations and references in APA format.

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