Posted: September 4th, 2022

Course Project wk1

Please follow the criteria

for this week follow “Section I “only

Course Project Criteria

INTL 500

Multi-National Corporation (MNC) – Course Project Overview

Notes: The foreign-based Multinational Corporation (MNC) I have choosen is Toyota Manufacturing Company Ltd. (Toyota Motor Corporation).

Do a deep dive analysis on a large well known Multi-National Corporation (MNC) headquartered overseas






Points Description


Section I


Introduce your MNC. Provide some sound financial indicators from company annual reports or use secondary sources to provide some financial background (yearly revenues, profits, dividends, etc).

Complete an assessment of the
political system and economic system of both the
home and host country of your MNC. Compare and contrast how your MNC operates in the home and a host (pick one) country. Indicate also, where your countries rank with HDI (Human Development Index), Freedom Index, Doing Business Index, and other indexes you deem appropriate.

Section II

Compare and contrast the
legal systems of the
MNC’s country of origin (home) and host country. Variables to consider include corruption, intellectual property, and product safety & liability, and ethics.

Section III


Complete an assessment of
values, culture, and norms. How does this influence the culture and operations of one of the countries your MNC operates in? Use the Hofstede Cultural Dimensions to showcase the comparisons of the host and home countries, available at: .

What advantage and disadvantages does this country provide to the MNC? How does your MNC market their product or service differently comparatively due to these issues?

Section IV

Conduct an analysis on the conditions of
trade. Indicate opportunities and challenges that affect your MNC; including any current policies or agreements that have been recently passed. Here you could examine
the regional trade agreements of the host/home countries. Do they have Free Trade Agreements? Please make sure your data you provide here is current.

Section V

Examine your MNC’s
international strategy. Which of the
four international business strategies does your MNC use in the host country? How have they approached globalization, expansion, challenges, and opportunities? Provide an example of how your MNC has entered the host country market (
by using one of the six entry modes).

Section VI

Examine your MNC’s
outsourcing issues. Does your MNC outsource work? Address
immigration policy in your MNC home country and host country. What does this immigration policy and outsourcing policy tell you about your MNC?

Section VII


Lessons Learned, Coming Clean Journal

Students will journal freely on their final course project. What did you learn that particularly interested you? What were some of your biggest lessons learned regarding your MNC? On the course in general? How have your thoughts of globalization changed now that you have completed this class? How have your thoughts changed after taking this class? Students are encouraged to reflect their thoughts honestly and provide your opinions here.

Use of Style, Multi-Media, APA & References, and Artifacts


Each student will create an artifact that appropriately meets the criteria of the project. Students are encouraged to weave current multimedia and technology in their projects. Examples may include appropriate usage of video clips, PowerPoint with audio, written documentation, Prezi, animation, film, music, data, charts, graphs and photography.



PPTX with no less than 12 slides and no more than 18 slides with audio for each slide (provide some video clip somewhere of your MNC you found);

· Kaltura multimedia presentation (see your canvas shell for instructions on how to use Kaltura;

· Prezi


Your final project will use APA to appropriately, including a full list of references. Choose references judiciously and cite them accurately. The student is in control of grammar and style, including spelling and appropriate usage of data and graphs.




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