Posted: September 19th, 2022

Critical thinking Discuss w4 replies

 Just write a reply to these two posts. Write in your own words. One paragraph for each post. Please differentiate which reply is which.  I need it in a few hours.


 My strengths would include being thinking in depth, and looking at situations from an unbiased perspective, and staying calm. For example, if I think something seems off then I will critically think why I am thinking this, what is their past reputation, is this a rational thought etc. I want to be able to think logically while being able to make sure I am being treated right or whatever the situation may be. Just because I think like that doesn’t mean I don’t want to improve in it. If I can improve in thinking more in depth, I think it can be very beneficial if I don’t get to the point where I’m overthinking over everything. As for thinking from an unbiased perspective I think it can be very beneficial depending on how it’s done. Being able to look at your situation like that whether it be an argument, getting a new job, or maybe getting a tattoo, will be very helpful to you at any point in your life. As for staying calm no matter what situation I’m in or argument I am almost always calm and levelheaded.

   My weaknesses are not having enough patience and not being able to express myself at a fast pace and effectively. Sometimes when I want to make a joke or want to say something i don’t always have the patience to wait for the right moment. Or if I’m in an argument I sometimes don’t have the patience to get my point together an expressive myself effectively. When I’m in an argument sometimes I need some time to think about my situation and about what the other person is thinking, and it would be nice if I could faster and then express myself within seconds. Sometimes it’ll take an hour or two then I think to myself I’m like wow that doesn’t make sense I wish I would have asked about that. 


When I communicate with others, I feel I am very good listener and think I am good at being assertive and respecting others feeling as well as my own. I think its one of my strengths because in the time I disagree with someone I do my best to understand and see their point, but I will still share my honest opinions. People in my life know if they come to me, I will always be honest before telling them what they want to hear but I always do my best to be polite. Some of weaknesses on the other hand can sometimes tie into what I think is a strength. The way I communicate can sometimes clash with other people so I can seem “aggressive” to new people in my life. One thing I feel I can fix about my communication is slowing down when I speak, I find myself talking fast or rushing my sentences in certain conversations. Another one is nonverbal but, my facial expressions are something I have been paying a lot more attention to.

 Reading over the chapter I concluded that one of my strengths as a critical thinker is not treating others poorly just because they think, look, or act differently than I do. The golden rule was pushed on me on a kid, so I have always followed the rule, “treat others the way that you want to be treated”. It made sense to me as a kid and as I get older it makes even more sense. Reading about probability errors made me realize I need to improve my probability in situations. For example, when I look at the time and its triple numbers like 3:33, my brain will automatically assume the universe is giving me a sign when I just need to understand it’s just the probability. 

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