Posted: August 23rd, 2021

CRM Discuss. Mod 2

Welcome to the week two discussion!  After going over many reasons that organized crime exist from week one, we are now moving into different cases of organized crime.  Make sure to follow the time frame for when each crime occurred in the post for this week.  Call me if you have any questions. 
I know many of you do not have your books yet and trust they will be
there sometime this week. This weeks assignment is to find a current
(crime committed within the past 15 years) case involving organized crime.
Give an example of how it is related to an older case where the crime
 committed was somewhere between the early 1900’s through the 1970’s and the 
cases are not within the same organized crime family. 
This is where you will compare and contrast on the two cases.
When you find the case’s you are going to profile, upload the link’s so that 
your fellow students and instructor may read the current case and the past 
case. Please do not use the wording of the article you are looking up for 
your case. You need to put it into your own words. 

Do not forget that you must also comment on at least two fellow student’s initial 
post with something that is related to the case they are profiling. 
(min. 300 words in initial post) 

This assignment is very specific. Please read over it at least twice before you complete
this assignment. 
Know that “Bonnie and Clyde” and any similar case are not criminal organizations. 
If you have been in this course before, then you need to find a different
case than previously used by you or a classmate. 
Do not use the same organization, even if the crimes were committed in 
the two different time frames.
Make sure you upload both articles so that we do not have to search for the 
correct one. Both must be available for viewing. 
Keep up with the organizations crimes being committed within the 
correct time frames. Also, if the organizations/criminals have been compared before your post, do not use the 
organizations again. Find new criminals from a different organization. 

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