Posted: September 20th, 2022

dance world culture


Choose one or two of the following critical questions to guide your critical response (~250 words), or respond freely, if you would rather. Don’t forget to include your own critical discussion question. Please do not respond to all of these questions. These are simply a guide to get you started in your own critical response. Likewise, you are welcome to write your response independent of the questions I have provided here. While these prompts focus on the ideas of appropriation and suppression from the assigned videos and article, feel free to include relevant observations from other videos, images or activities and discussion seen in class this week, or to connect to other themes and discussions from earlier in the semester. 
Include your own critical question to further the discussion.

1. Why do you think that so often the cultural roots of dance and music have been erased, or appropriated without giving credit to their origins? We have briefly looked at the roots of Dancehall and some Colombian and Carribean dances, as well as some histoical/cultural forms of pole dance. What do you know about the roots of tap dance, jazz, or even yoga?  Some of these have been nearly completely removed from their roots for decades…whose responsibility is it to insure that cultural credit is given…the audience or the artist? The student, or the teacher? 

2. Do you think that the “Sorry” video could be changed in ways that might make it more appreciative and less appropriative? What would you change, or do you think it is too far gone? 

3. Society works hard to condition us into playing our “roles,” sometimes as men/women, or a s follow/lead, or even into cultural or socio-political roles. How do cultural and gender roles benefit society? How do they limit society? How does the Tedx Talk about “Liquid Lead challange these ideas? What other examples can you think of? What is gained, or lost, by breaking through these boundaries?

4. What topic or theme has stood out the most to you so far this semester?

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