Posted: August 1st, 2022

Data Collection


For this question, you should start to think about an organization in which you are going to be able to practice the data collection and data analysis techniques.

This question is designed to help you become adept at identifying a local organizational issue and then collecting relevant applied qualitative data. This means you will need to think about a local issue and different types of data that you might be able to collect to understand the issue more fully so that you could eventually develop a solution or intervention to improve the issue.

Now with these thoughts in mind, respond to the following:

  • Share a link to an article about data collection. Include a summary of the key points and why you found it interesting.

 400-500 words

  • Have you ever worked together in a group to collect data? Did you develop a plan to collect the data? If so, how did you accomplish this? If not, was the collection as effective as you wanted it to be?

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