Posted: September 19th, 2022


26.1 What are the differences between row-level and statement-level active rules?

# 26.7 What are the differences among valid time, transaction time, and bitemporal relations?

Chapter 27 Question

# 27.1 What is structured data and what is unstructured data? Give an example of each from your experience.

# 27.11  What is the Boolean model of IR? What are its limitations?

Chapter 28, Question

#28.2 What are the goals or tasks that data mining attempts to facilitate?

# 28.11 What is entropy, and how is it used in building decision trees?

Chapter 29, Question

# 29.1 What is a data warehouse? How does it differ from a database?

# 29.4. What is the multidimensional data model? How is it used in data warehousing? 

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