Posted: August 23rd, 2021

Definition of the many social roles you identify with

Identify multiple social roles you are engaged in / or represent and organize your response 
For example, brainstorm first (perhaps you’ll identify 15 social roles or more). Jot down your list of social roles.  Next, identify the most prominent roles, such as student, romantic partner, daughter/son, roommate, barista, member of (X) club, organization, etc.  You might consider placing them from most prominent or important, to least.  Base your submission on your personal identification of these specific roles, not on roles as defined by society.  

Provide a brief explanation for each (how, where, how often you participate/represent this role).

Document or Written Text Submission 
Clearly identify your social roles and provide an explanation of each role by naming the role and describing who you relate to in this role. You may wish to actually provide your list in order of most prominent to least as part of your submission.
Your submission should identify a minimum of 5 social roles.   Give examples of how you engage in each role (of your top five social roles).

1000 word count minimum.

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