Posted: August 4th, 2022

Deliverable 5 – Interpreting Key Performance Indicators

Deliverable 5 – Interpreting Key Performance Indicators

Assignment Content

  1. Competency
    Evaluate operational performance using analytic and comparative techniques.

    Student Success Criteria
    View the grading rubric for this deliverable by selecting the “This item is graded with a rubric” link, which is located in the Details & Information pane.

    You are the manager of a financial planning and analysis team. The executive leadership team of your company has requested that you identify two (2) key performance indicators (KPIs) or financial metrics and use them to benchmark your company’s recent performance. The executive team wants a visual summary of the comparisons — a dashboard. The dashboard must include a summary explaining the purpose and interpretation of each KPI or metric selected.

    Develop a 2-item KPI dashboard or scorecard in Excel using The Kroger Co (KR), a large, U.S. based grocery store chain. Kroger operates in the Retail sector of the economy, specifically in the grocery store industry. To learn more about the retail sector and/or the grocery store industry, go to the Mergent Online database and select the Industry Analysis tab. There are options for Retail and Personal Care, Drug & Grocery Stores for viewable summary reports.

    Next, in the Mergent Online database, search for Kroger (use the name Kroger or stock ticker KR). The company overview includes multiple sections such as financial and competitive information. Using the available information, identify two KPIs or metrics that are pertinent to Kroger and its sector or industry. Example: inventory turnover for the retail industry or average sales revenue per store in the grocery industry.

    Collect information to calculate the selected metrics for five (5) years on Kroger and one of its key competitors (use the Competitors section for Kroger in Mergent to select and link to a competitor). Save the downloaded information in an Excel file to create the dashboard.

    In the Excel file, create two (2) data visuals (e.g. chart, graph, or comparison table with visual cues) for the dashboard using the KPI or metric data collected. At least one visual must show a trend, that is, the performance and comparisons over time using the 5-years of data collected.

    In the Excel file, include a written summary that explains the items (4-8 sentences or bullet points for each KPI or metric selected). The summary must discuss why each is pertinent to the company and its sector or industry. The summary must also explain how to interpret each KPI or metric – that is, a general interpretation as well as the specific values identified for the company and its competitor.

    Submit the Excel file including the downloaded data, the two (2) data visuals created as a dashboard, and the written summary information.


    For assistance with dashboards, 
    For assistance with scorecards, 
    Link to the Mergent Online database 
    For assistance on using the Mergent Online database, 
    For assistance on finding industry ratios and averages in the Mergent Online database, 
    For assistance on dashboard development in Excel, 

Criterion 1

A – 4 – Mastery

Provided rationale for each of the ratios selected, and makes specific connections to their pertinence to the company and industry; includes specific examples.

Criterion 2

A – 4 – Mastery

Provides an in-depth explanation with examples of how to interpret each selected ratio and what the company’s ratio changes over the 5-year period indicate.

Criterion 3

A – 4 – Mastery

Selected a public company with at least 5 years of financial information, and included multiple competitors.

Criterion 4

A – 4 – Mastery

Dashboard/Scorecard was developed using Excel; utilized Mergent Online Database resource; Included a detailed written summary.

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