Posted: August 22nd, 2021

Digital Business Final Assessment Brief

Build a wireframe of an e-commerce website of your own.

Build an E-commerce strategy and website architecture, let us see the customers journey on your website.

1-Choose one e-commerce store project and what they offer

2- Determine your target audience

3- Draw the architecture and journey of the customers inside the website you can use or any other tool you like 

4- You may draw the home page wireframe using or any tool you like 

Goals.- Reflect what you have learnt in the course and the process of building e-commerce solution in consideration of the right target audience and the implementation of the UI/UX process 

Format.- This activity must meet the following formatting requirements: 

·  1500 words 

·  Upload two files: 

 a PDF copy of the presentation. 

Harvard Referencing System

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