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Digital Portfolio
Assignment Instructions

View the grading rubric prior to beginning the assignment by clicking on “Digital

Portfolio” above. Then, click on the “View Rubric” box. Also, remember that the

assignment you completed in Unit 2 (Draft Initial Ideas for Digital Portfolio) should be

helpful to you as you move forward with this project.

You will develop a professional digital portfolio. A digital portfolio is also called an e-

portfolio, or simply an online portfolio. The portfolio should contain assignments that

were completed throughout the MS in Nutrition program which reflect areas where you

scored exceptionally. An e-portfolio is a great option for presenting work assignments

completed during your degree (presentations/ flyers/handouts/papers/case studies/etc.)

and your resume all in one spot. It is important to keep the portfolio professional and

simple, but also to reflect your personality. Remember, the goal is to develop a portfolio

that could be used for a job promotion or interview. Potential employers are only going

to look at your website for a few minutes. Again, keep it simple, and have short pages if


There are several platforms available that can be used to develop an online portfolio.

Conduct a search and find one that works for you. The examples that I provided for you

in Unit 2 were made by students who used Wix to develop their portfolios. I have

provided two additional handouts with instructions regarding: 1) how to use Wix to

develop an online portfolio, and 2) how to find instructions for Google Sites to develop

an online portfolio. You can use either of these options to develop your portfolio, too. Or,

you may have another option in mind.

Regarding the development of the portfolio:
All pictures you use must be royalty-free. DO NOT use Google Image results. Here are
a few places where you can get free stock images:




When building the portfolio:

• Choose activities that you would like employers to view while in search of a

promotion or new job.

o What will be attractive to the potential viewer of the portfolio?

o Select assignments that showcase your best work.

• Provide a brief rationale for items selected. What skills did you gain from the

assignment? Why would someone interviewing you want to review his item?

• DO NOT include any group projects; the portfolio should be a reflection of your

work only.

• When assignments are hypothetical (case studies, proposal, etc.), be sure to

identify them as hypothetical and state the skills gained in the rationale you

provide with the assignment.

• DO NOT include any assignment that you have not received a grade for.

• Make corrections on assignments you choose to display (based on instructor

feedback) when necessary.

• Remember to include the assignments you did well on – these are the ones that

really showcase your skills.

• IMPORTANT – Submit all work in the portfolio in PDF format to help protect your


Refer back to the Sample Digital Portfolios found in Unit 2. One sample was developed

by a student who completed a dietetic internship. If you are a dietetic intern or have

recently completed a dietetic internship, the page “Internship” with the headings she

used might work for you. When you open the Internship page, you find Clinical

Experiences, Foodservice, and Education and Counseling. Again, make the labels fit

your particular dietetic internship.

The other portfolio was developed by a student who did not complete a dietetic

internship. The majority of you are not dietetic interns, so you will not include a page

labeled “Internship” – instead, like the student example, you want to label this page so

that you can showcase skills you learned through the MS in Nutrition. Perhaps you call

it simply MS in Nutrition. Then when you open the page you could call it Experiences in

the MS in Nutrition Program, or perhaps MS in Nutrition Experiences. Then you need to

think of the labels for this page. You could highlight a few specific courses that were

most important to you and then include the skills you learned in the courses. Or,

perhaps you want to clump some of the courses together (Life Cycle Nutrition; Weight

Management and Eating Disorders; Contemporary Issues {this could address Sports

Nutrition and Integrative Nutrition}, Nutrition Education and Counseling and Food,

Culture, and Health; Capstone Experience)…the possibilities are endless!

The main thing is to select skills you learned in the program and organize these skills in

a way that they highlight your strengths and are an accurate reflection of what you can

offer a future employer. So, keep this in mind when you decide what to include in the

Portfolio page. Including some of your better PowerPoints is a great idea – remember to

have a title slide that shows the title of the presentation and the date you presented it.

You should have your name and a title on each assignment you include.

IMPORTANT: Be sure the work you display is in PDF format/etc. You want to protect

your work – DO NOT simply post Word or PowerPoint files. (Again, see the sample


Important pages to include in your e-portfolio are:

• Home

• About

• MS in Nutrition (or Dietetic Internship or whatever you decide to call this page)

• Portfolio (This is where you will display your presentations, flyers/brochures

• Resume (This will be blocked to keep your private information secure).

Remember you will be submitting your resume, as a Word document, separately

with the assignment so that I can view and grade it.

Remember, anything you put on this website will be viewable to anyone on the internet

if you make it public. You have the option to make it private and then just provide me

the URL link so I can see it to grade it. Important: For our class, once the digital

portfolio is complete, you will submit: 1) the URL to your e-portfolio in the

Assignment upload box: Digital Portfolio, as well as 2) a copy of your resume.

You will not attach the resume into the digital portfolio.

When our course is over, if you decide to include your resume, create a copy of your

resume without your address, phone number, and email address so that your personal

information is inaccessible.

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