Posted: June 13th, 2022

Disabilities in the Workplace—Accommodations

Use the EEOC Newsroom website ( to choose the other disability discrimination case on which you will focus.
1.Provide a brief summary of each case (1–2 paragraphs), including the title and key facts, and why the company was sued by the EEOC.
Note: Be sure to include the URL for the case you choose from the EEOC Newsroom.
2.Explain any harm/liability that came to the company as a result of the case findings or court opinion?
3.What, if any, accommodations were offered or requested in the case?
4.Did the concept of “undue hardship” impact the case, and if so, how?
5.What could have been done by HR to mitigate the circumstances that led to a formal lawsuit?
6.What did you learn that will improve your awareness, effectiveness, and legal responsiveness as an HR professional in the workplace?

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