Posted: June 19th, 2022


1. Pick one comordity and explain the relationship with depression.
2. Explain the differences between Postpartum blues, post partum depression, and post partum pyschosis ,dysthmic disorder and SAD- seasonal affective disorder.
3. What are some of the objective symptoms that you may observe in patients who are depressed MDD? List at least five.
4. Name one SSRI. What is serotonin syndrome?
5. Name one of the MAOI’s meds and what is hypertensive crisis? What foods should be avoided and why?
6. List some of the comorbidities with Bipolar disorder.
7. List several nursing interventions that are useful with bipolar patients who are exhibiting manic behavior
8. Review the list of medications that can be used to prevent suicide. Why do you think that these type of medications work so well?

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