Posted: September 19th, 2022


About that topic Post one of the Internet source you selected for your course project, including the following information:

TOPIC: (example-Use yours) Is contacting Aliens from other worlds dangerous?

THESIS: (example-Use yours) While many agencies have been trying to contact alien life forms peacefully, history and science indicate that such efforts may bring harm to humanity.




WEBSITE OWNER/SPONSOR: (This is sometimes the same as the title. Find copyright statement or “about” link if available.)


RETRIEVAL DATE (This is the date you accessed this site. LIST in Day, Month, Year order. Example: 4 Nov. 2010.)

DOI if applicable

ANNOTATION: Evaluate this source. Use complete sentences. Make sure your analysis shows why this particular site helps with your thesis project. Do not use a review or abstract. You must have a full-text document.

Tobacco Smoking and its Impact on Environment

Tobacco smoking is a common consumer habit among the different people especially the youths. People smoke tobacco without even realizing that they are endangering the environment. In as much it is detrimental to human health, it is also harmful to the environment. For instance, cigarettes waste pollutes the waterways, soils, air, and breaches. As a result, they cause pollution to these forms of the environment. Various studies show that cigarettes wastes are also harmful to the wildlife (Araújo & Costa, 2019). Cigarettes butts are one of the common water pollutants in the environment. For example, the cigarette butts cause pollution when they are washed down by runoffs into the beaches, oceans, rivers, and other water bodies. Such pollutants have heavy metal consumption is dangerous to the local organisms.

Tobacco farmers also inflict harm to the environment when they clear the tobacco farms through burning. This situation causes desertification in areas where lands are cleared by burning because most of these lands are always abandoned. Burning also increases the content of greenhouse gas which is not favorable for vegetation growth. As a result, we suffer from desertification due to such inappropriate behavior. Additionally, smoke from the tobacco is not always favorable to the air we breather. It is always quite poisonous and therefore it is likely to contaminate the air we breathe.

Tobacco consumers should be taught how to dispose their tobacco wastes effectively to avoid causing destruction to the environment. This strategy would help to conserve the environment from careless disposal of tobacco wastes which is harmful to the environment. Moreover, tobacco farmers should embrace better ways of clearing the lands other than burning them. This action plan would save us from accumulation of greenhouse gases which could be detrimental to the environment.

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